The Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

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What are the best vitamins to combat hair loss?

With 80% of men suffering from some form of hair loss, it is not surprising to see that each and every month millions of them are search for remedies. Whilst there are many legitimate ways to address male pattern baldness, these are mostly in the form of medication and/or surgery and unfortunately some people may not be able to take this route and an therefore alternative(s) is needed. The first port of call for those on this path should be addressing their diet and any deficiencies that they may have. Due to the fact that the modern western diet is becoming increasingly more processed and nutrient sparse it is a lot harder for people to get all that they need just from food, which ultimately results in a lack of one or more vitamins/minerals. To stand your best chance against hair loss it is vital that you have a healthy body and consume a vast array of ‘goodies’ to ensure this – but what are the ones that play a significant role when it comes to fighting MPB?

Vitamin A: Every single cell in the human body requires this for growth, including hair. It helps to maintain hair by not only helping with growth itself but by promoting a healthy scalp through creation of sebum, which helps to keep hair healthy. Foods such as carrots, spinach and kale are all high in beta-carotene, which is converted into this within the body. Be careful though! Too much could actually cause hair loss.

B Vitamins: These are probably the most well known for helping to maintain healthy hair (through increased blood-flow to the scalp), particularly biotin, a deficiency of which has been shown in many scientific studies to cause hair loss. Although the jury remain out on whether non-deficient individuals can benefit from taking biotin, it can’t hurt to try! Foods to look out for are dark and leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, meat and fish.

Vitamin C: This is one of natures greatest and most powerful anti-oxidants and can be used for the purpose in hand. Not only does it promote the formation of collagen, it can also stop free radical damage to hair cells – a double whammy to aid your hair growth if ever there was one! Oranges, dar and leafy greens, peppers and tomatoes are just a few examples of foods you should be looking to consume.

Vitamin D: This is one that most people are deficient in, yet it is one of the most important for hair growth! It has been shown in scientific studies that not only do low levels cause hair fall, it may also help to build new hair follicles, something everyone is looking to do! It is quite difficult to eat enough food to get a decent amount of it, but buying foods with added vitamin D as well eating oily fish can be very beneficial. Or, you could just get out in the sun more often!

Vitamin E: Another one backed by science. In a study carried out in 2010 it was shown that supplementation increased hair growth by over 30%. You can’t argue with that, so best be adding kale, spinach, raw seeds and plant oils to your shopping basket during your next drip to the grocery store.