Can you buy Testosterone with your credit card?

Are you looking to buy testosterone from a secure online steroid store using your credit card?

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testosterone credit card

 Is it possible to purchase testosterone using your credit card?

Testosterone is by far and away the most popular anabolic steroid on the planet and accounts for over 80% off all steroids purchased online. With the ever-increasing number of people seeking to both buy and use steroids it should not come as a shock to learn that more and more people are looking to buy online using their credit card. This does of course, beg the question – ‘can you purchase testosterone using your card?’. Even 10 years ago it was unfathomable that you’d be able to buy testosterone online, let alone with your card, but nowadays it is fairly commonplace. This is down to the fact that as demand for anabolic steroids has increased over the last five years so has the number of online steroid suppliers, which in turn has led to an increased number accepting credit cards. While the total percentage that do may be small, there are some out there, and these can be located fairly easily. All you need to do is head over to one of the steroid review sites, search through all the suppliers located in your country, find one that sells testosterone (all of them will) and then see if they take payment by card. Sure, it may take a little while, but it’ll be a worthwhile exercise that’s for sure.

Our top tip: when purchasing from a supplier for the very first time always make a small purchase to see if the supplier and the product(s) are authentic – even if the site has many positive reviews. Once you have established both supplier and the product(s) are legit then you can proceed to place larger orders.

Should testosterone be included in every cycle?

The answer to this question is of course ‘yes’. Whilst some may still advocate the old school cycle of deca and dianabol, there is no excuse for not having testosterone on your cycle in some way, shape or form. Testosterone is our main natural hormone and we rely upon it for a huge range of functions within our body. Having spoken to many steroid experts, the vast consensus is that testosterone must be run through a cycle – but that doesn’t mean it has to be run in high amounts. As little as 100mg a week can suffice when there are other androgens in the system, and this protocol works very well when combining test and trenbolone. The only time you could possibly run a cycle without testosterone is an oral only cycle for a short amount of time, i.e. 4-6 weeks, although even then a short-acting ester such a propionate would still be highly advisable.

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