Can you Buy Steroids with Paypal?

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steroids with paypal

Is it possible to purchase steroids using your Paypal account?

With the ever increasing amount of steroid usage occurring today it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to buy steroids online. With Paypal being the most popular e-wallet and digital payment system available it should also not come as a shock that many, many gym goers and bodybuilders want to purchase anabolic using it. the big question that must be asked is whether or not you can find steroid suppliers that accept this form of payment, and whether or not it is safe. In this article we will examine both of these questions in an attempt to help out those seeking to purchase anabolics via this method. Before we get into this we’d like to quickly say that although steroids can be used safely, it is absolutely imperative that you have at least one year of weight training under your belt before you commence taking them. Please ensure that you have your training regime, diet plan and rest all in order before you take a trip ‘to the dark side’ as this will not only make it safer but more effective too.

Which payment types do steroid suppliers accept?

If you’d have asked this question several years ago the answer would have been a straight up, ‘non’. However, as time has gone by and demand for steroids has increased, more and more websites selling anabolics have popped up which in turn has resulted in more suppliers accepting Paypal. We cannot give a definitive list in this article, but we can tell you where to find them (and locate the ones that sell legit steroids). First off all you must get yourself over to one of the two major steroid review sites: eRoids and/or MuscleGurus. One these sites you can view pretty much every major supplier on the internet and read independent reviews for them. The best thing to do here is to go through all the sites in your country (they have different lists for different countries, which is a great idea in our opinion), find which have the best reviews and then head on over to those sites to see whether they take Paypal. While most won’t accept it, there are some that will – some may do so after you’ve placed several orders not using Paypal to ensure that you’re an authentic customer. Once you have found a site that has all the products you’re after then do a sample purchaser to make sure they’re legit. One word of warning though  – always purchase steroids from your own country. Although it can be extremely tempting to buy from overseas because of prices, this is far, far riskier due to that fact that international postage systems are monitored more heavily that domestic postage systems, which makes it far more likely that your package will get confiscated. In additional to that, please never, ever buy steroids from someone in person – this carries the most risk.

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