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What is Winstrol?

Stanozolol was first developed in the mid 1950’s by a pharmaceutical company called Winthrop Laboratories. It’s original use was, like many other steroids created at that time, in medicine, and was mainly used to treat wasting diseases. Derived from the base hormone Dihydrotestosterone, it had two changes to its structure made to form what has become one of the most popular oral steroids since the beginnings of recreational anabolic steroid usage back in the 1960’s. The first change was the addition of a methyl group at the 17th carbon position (commonly referred to as 17-alpha alkylation), which protects to compound from being quickly broken down once consumed, and secondly, the 3-keto group was replaced with a pyrazol group at the A-ring. Both of these changes make it very different to its parent hormone (DHT) as they results in a lower androgenic rating (20) and an increased anabolic rating (320). Something else it did (which is fairly common with DHT-based anabolics) is increase its ability to interact with SHBG and bind to it, allowing other more of other steroids in the system to remain unbound, thus making them more potent and effective. In addition, being a DHT steroid means it is incapable of aromatising.

What are the effects of Winstrol?

Often described as a ‘cutting’ steroid, it will certainly help to maintain any muscle mass already built and may even help to build new muscle mass (albeit it in very modest amounts). It could potentially be used for bulking alongside testosterone and a calorie surplus, but bulking with it is far more common with women than men as women cannot get away with using more androgenic steroids such as testosterone as they run the risk of irreversible virilization. Despite its modest effects on muscle building, it will have a far greater impact on strength and is well know for carrying a lot ‘bang for its buck’ when it comes to inducing strength gains. In addition to strength it is also capable of improving power output, which is probably why so many athletes have used (and got caught using it) over the last 30 years – Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics for example. For those preparing for bodybuilding contents and are under 10% body fat it will help to increase muscle hardness and ‘dry’ the physique out and may induce vascularity also.

What side effects can be expected when using Stanozolol?

Like all (oral) steroids there will be a plethora of potential side effects when using this cutting anabolic. One of the most notable is dry and achey joints and tendons, which although isn’t a majorly serious side effect, could provide some issues with regards to tendon or ligament injuries if they are over-stressed; it is for this reason that a lot of people will actually avoid using it as they don’t want to increase their injury risk.

Being androgenic and derived from DHT, effects such as hair loss (if you are prone to MPB), increased hair growth and acne are all possible. Women using this compound should be wary as although it androgenic rating suggests it carries little risk of virilization, it can cause such effects at doses as little at 10mg per day.

The most serious side effects (just as with all anabolics) are the ones you can’t see, i.e. not the superficial ones. All steroids may negatively effect cholesterol, triglycerides, red blood cell count and blood pressure, and winstrol is no different. Being a DHT derivative it will be slightly harsher on HDL and LDL than testosterone-based steroids, so users must be aware of this before taking it. To help avoid or negate this as much as possible a diet high in dark, leafy greens and omega-3 oils is always advisable.

What is the best cycle length and dosage when using winstrol?

As with every steroid your goals, stats and gender will determine the dose you should take. I think it is advisable to begin with females and they should use no more than 15mg per day, with doses as low as 5-10mg sufficient for lean muscle and strength gains. Cycle length should be no more than six (6) weeks, with four (4) weeks being more advisable.

When it comes to men there are two different conversations that can be had regarding cycle length and dose – 1) its use as standalone and 2) its use as part of a cycle that compromises of other anabolic steroids. When used a standalone the standard dosage range is 30-50mg per day, although with the ‘more is better’ mentality that seems exist nowadays people are running up to 100mg a day. In terms of duration 6-8 weeks is common and very few users will take it for less or more than that.

When used as part of a cycle with other steroid then dosage and duration will depend upon which other anabolics are being used. If taken as part of an oral only cycle (with anavar for example) then dosage of both compounds will need to be reduced by around half if duration is going to remain in the standard 6-8 week bracket. If used as a sole oral alongside an injectable then 40-80mg can used for 4-6 weeks depending on ends goals.

Can you buy winstrol online safely?

Being an anabolic steroid there will always be issues with purchasing stanozolol online. Most countries have strict steroid laws (some are more strict than others) and therefore it may be illegal to buy and possess any anabolics. Unless you are in a country that freely allows the sale of steroids (Thailand for example) then the only way to safely buy compounds is on the internet. If you do take this route then it is highly advisable to purchase from a domestic source as importing such goods into the country is fraught with danger and the last thing you want are your products seized and your name and address on the blacklist. Domestic shipping is far less monitored and a much safer way to buy steroids. When buying ensure that you do your research on both the online store and the brand; eRoids and MuscleGurus are excellent websites for those wanting to check out the quality of the product and supplier.

  • Chemical name: 17-beta-hydroxy-17a-methyl-5a-androstano[3,2-c]pyrazole
  • Release date: 1960’s
  • Dose (men): 30-100mg per day
  • Dose (women): 5-15mg per day
  • Half-life: 8 hours
  • Detection time: 4 weeks
  • A:A Ratio: 320:20

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