Cheque Drops

cheque drops mibolerone anabolic steroid profile

Cheque Drops (Mibolerone) Steroid Profile & Information

First developed in the mid-1960’s by Upjohn pharmaceuticals, Mibolerone, or ‘Cheque Drops’ as it was branded, was initially intended to disrupt the menstrual cycle of female dogs (so as to stop pregnancy from occurring). Just like trenbolone, it was a veterinarian grade steroid compound, but obviously this didn’t stop bodybuilders and athletes from harnessing its potency!

If we take a closer look at what Mibolerone is, we can see that it is a nandrolone-derived anabolic steroid, i.e. it is a structurally modified version of nandrolone. It has had a methyl group added at both the 7th and 17th position – the former vastly enhances the androgenic component and stops the hormone from being affected by the 5-AR enzyme, and the latter stops the compound from being broken down by the liver and rendered inert. Although Nandrolone itself is a fairly weak steroid, these changes create a whole nother beast altogether. According to the literature put out by Upjohn upon its release, it is 41 times more anabolic than methyl-testosterone and 16x more androgenic. However, as we all know, these ratios can be misleading and it is no different with Mibolerone – it will build very little if any muscle (due to the required dose being so low, the very low active half life and the fact it is never cycled like a normal steroid, just taken pre-workout/event), yet its androgenicity will appear to much more than 5 times that of testosterone – it will feel like 50x more, trust me!

Make no mistake, Cheque Drops are one of the most powerful anabolic steroids ever created. Period. This means both immense positive and negative side effects and should not be taken lightly at any costs. New or even moderate steroid users should not even contemplate taking this – only advanced users should consider it. Saying that, its use in bodybuilding circles is not all that great as it is definitely more useful for powerlifters and fighters (boxing/MMA) alike. This is because the half-life is only three hours maximum – and it is that potent it is dosed in micrograms not milligrams. It is usually taken 30-45 mins prior to the event for maximum results/impact.

So what effects does it have? Well, the main reason why someone would use it is to increase aggression – and it it does this exceptionally well. Having taken it myself I can attest to its potency! Although most steroids do/may increase aggression to some degree (the more androgenic a compound the more it likely to do so), in reality it is not overly apparent apart from in the gym or when high-doses are taken for extended periods, however with mibolerone is it very real. The increase in aggression can be very scary – so it is vital that it is put to the right use. Those who are naturally aggressive and exhibit problematic behaviour without taking steroids should probably not touch Cheque Drops as it could cause many issues. This is why it so popular amongst powerlifters and fighters, as they require a huge boost in aggression for a short period only. It can be used by bodybuilders in the last few weeks before a show but due to the high aromatization to estrogen there is a chance of water retention regardless of how clean their diet is. It can’t be used to build muscle as the doses and cycle length required to do so would cause horrific health-related side effects.

As you would expect, the side effects are immense. First of all, despite some confusion over this, Cheque Drops are highly estrogenic (they appear to induce huge amounts of aromatase activity). Luckily, the extremely low dose and lack of normal ‘cycling’ means the estrogenic sides are rarely seen. In addition, it is a very potent progestin (like Deca Durabolin and Trenbolone), which means it will shut your down harder and quicker than most other steroids (progestins are notorious for doing this). The only way to counteract progestin-based side effects is with dostinex, as SERMS and AI’s will not work.

It’s extreme androgenic nature means those predisposed to side-effects such increased body hair growth, acne and MPB hairloss will more likely than not suffer from these. In addition, its androgenicity will negatively impact up cholesterol levels by decreasing HDL and increasing LDL. As with all steroids it will shut down your natural testosterone production and being a progestin it will shut you down very hard and very quickly – a strong PCT is absolutely vital.

Mibolerone is extremely hepatotoxic and will almost certainly increase liver enzymes significantly, even if used at the lowest dose and for a short duration. Under no circumstances should it be used for more than three weeks at at time and consuming alcohol whilst taking it as a big no-no. As stated above, because of its potency it comes in micrograms rather than milligrams, therefore doses should never exceed 1mg (1000mcgs) at any point. The standard dose appears to be 200-300mcgs, but it is advisable to start out lower and assess your tolerance to it. Remember, the most serious side effects are once that can’t be seen or felt, so don’t assume because you feel fine that you are fine.

Sourcing Cheque Drops is extremely difficult as only a few underground labs in the whole world actually produces it anymore. It may still be available from veterinary suppliers/sources, but it is highly unlikely you will be able to source it this way. Ideally, you’d never take it at all, but if you must then ensure that you trust your source and you can verify that it is what it says on the bottle.

Chemical name: Mibolerone
Chemical Formula: (7a,17b)-17-hydroxy-7,17-dimethylestr-4-en-3-one
Year first developed: 1960’s
Effective dose: 200mcg – 500mcg daily (30-45 mins pre-workout/event)
Half-life: 2-4 hours
Detection time: Immediate (out of the system within hours)
A:A Ratio: 4,100: 1,600