andriol testocaps anabolic steroid profile

Andriol Testocaps Steroid Profile & Information

Andriol was first developed in the mid-1980’s by the pharmaceutical company Organon as a medication for low testosterone and soon became the most popular way of treating low testosterone. It’s popularity was so much that it reached all four corners of the globe and soon fell into the hands of bodybuilders who used it for performance enhancing purposes.

The main appeal, and probably the key reason that its use became so widespread is the fact it is the only form of actual testosterone to come in oral (capsule) form. Although methyl-testosterone exists, it does not act in exactly the same way as testosterone does due to the methylation (which allows it to pass through the liver and still be bioavailable); all other forms are injectable and as you might guess, most people aren’t huge fans of being injected with anything, let alone injecting themselves! You may be wondering how this form of testosterone survives in the stomach and liver if it is not 17-alpha-alkylated…? Well, it has an undecanoate ester attached to it and is also suspended in oil, meaning it is at least partly bioavailable and therefore absorbed by the body in a slightly different way to ‘normal’ orals. The degree to which this occurs is a frequently argued point and is something that I will discuss below.

As stated in the above paragraph, Andriol is 40mg of testosterone attached to an ester and suspended in a carrier oil within the capsule itself. It is estimated that around 10% will be absorbed by the body, so about 4mg per capsule. This will of course vary from person to person, but this is the best figure that is available. Why so low? Well, as already mentioned, it is not a traditional 17-aa oral and because it is suspended in oil it is absorbed through the lymphatic system (as dietary fat is), rather than the liver where other orals are processed (and are either broken down if not methylated, or processed if methylated).

Regardless of the fact that it has low bioavailability, it is still testosterone and will be treated as such by the body. As with all forms of testosterone (injectables, patches etc..), it has an anabolic:androgenic rating of 100:100, and will therefore have exactly the same effects as those forms of testosterone will have (there is evidence to suggest patches/gels may increase DHT to a greater degree due the the high receptor levels within the skin, but on the whole it is exactly the same).

Whilst andriol was created solely for the purpose of treating low testosterone, in this article I shall on concentrate on its use as a performance enhancing drug (for information regarding low testosterone and TRT please see this article here: TRT/Low Testosterone). In its early days, its use was fairly prevalent, which was down to two factors: firstly, the fact it is an oral meant people did not have to inject and secondly, it was far more freely available on the (black) market than it is today; nowadays it is seldom sold and used. However, just because its popularity has waned over the last decade doesn’t mean it can’t be used for bodybuilding and muscle building purposes! Andriol has the same effects as injectable testosterone (provided the dose is high enough of course):, which include, but are not limited to:

Increased nitrogen retention: Lean muscle tissue is comprised of slightly under 20% and therefore when supra-physiological levels of testosterone are introduced to the body this increases and promotes a higher level of anabolism (muscle building) within the muscle and body itself.

Increased protein synthesis: this is rate at which the cells in the body build protein(s); this will be increased several-fold when testosterone is taken (in adequate dosages), thus increasing the rate at which the body builds muscle and recovers, resulting it bigger, stronger muscle more quickly than usual.

Increased IGF-1 levels: IGF-1 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor is a naturally occurring (and extremely potent) peptide within the body, which is hugely anabolic. Although it impacts upon every cell in the body, increased levels of it will help to build muscle at a greater rate and more quickly than the body would naturally.

Increased red blood cell count: RBC’s carry oxygen to the blood and therefore a great number of red blood cells equals greater oxygenation and therefore this can enhance muscular endurance, which will indirectly increase growth and recovery.

As you would expect, Andriol also has the same negative side effects as injectable and patch/gel forms of testosterone and include, but are not limited, to the following (as with all steroid related side effects the degree to which a person suffers from them is entirely individual):

Androgenic: acne, male pattern baldness to those who are predisposed, body hair growth, aggression. Andriol will convert to DHT (via the 5-alpha-reducatse enzyme) and therefore will become active within the body, thus causing hair loss in those susceptible (Finasteride can be used to counteract this, although it is not something I would recommend). Women should be very careful when taking it – I would suggest females never go near testosterone at all, even at very small doses, as virilization will occur and is not reversible. This can include: deepening of the voice, increased body hair and clitoral growth.

Estrogenic: As most of you will know, testosterone converts to estrogen, and the greater the levels of testosterone the higher the amount of conversion to estrogen and therefore the higher the levels of estrogen circulating within the body; this can cause several side effects: gynecomastia (bitch tits), water retention, increased blood pressure and possibly some mental side effects such as feeling emotional and down. This is all dose dependent, but an AI or SERM can be used to address an estrogen related sides if they occur.

Cardiovascular: excessive testosterone levels (those above normal range or high-end of normal range for extended periods) will in most cases negatively impact up cholesterol levels. High androgen levels will decrease HDL and possibly increase LDL – estrogen does help to improve these levels (increasing HDL and lowering LDL), so when using an AI on cycle you must be careful not to drive your estrogen levels to low or else you may further negatively affect your cholesterol (amongst other things such as lowered of libido and joint issues). High amount of omega-3 and green veg is advised to help with this side effect.

Andriol will of course shut down your natural testosterone production and therefore a PCT (see our Advanced Post Cycle Therapy here) will always be required.

What dose is needed for performance enhancing purposes? Unlike TRT does, which are between 120-160mg per day, for those looking to use Andriol for bodybuilding purposes then a minimum of 320mg per day is required (440mg+ would be far better though), however, the cost of which would be astronomical compared to that of injectable testosterone – something in the region of ten times higher! The only time I would advise using it was if you happened to stubble across or were given 700 capsules (!) and then you could take 10 a day for 10 weeks. This, however, is highly unlikely, so unless you have money to burn and absolutely refuse to inject yourself, injectables will always be the better option. The only upside is that andriol is never faked so at least you know you are getting the real deal!

Chemical name: Testosterone (attached to an undecanoate ester)
Chemical Formula: androsta-4-en-3-one,17b-ol
Year first developed: 1980’s
Effective dose: 140mg – 500mg daily
Half-life: up to 12 hours
Detection time: up to 5 weeks (usually not less than 4)
A:A Ratio: 100:100