Is Permanent Penis Enlargement Possible?

In, a word, yes, permanent penile enlargement is possible. To learn about the science, the scientific studies and the potential results please read the article below. If you’re interested in enlarging your penis then the best thing you can do is learn what works and what doesn’t – information is power!


Is it possible to permanently enlarge my penis?

The first thing that be must dealt with when examining the question of (permanent) penis enlargement is: what is small? Unfortunately, men have an exaggerated view of how big their penises should be, and therefore what they view as small may merely be average. If we look at the table below we can see a graph of penis lengths:


The biggest study on record measured the average erect penis length of 1660 men in the US. As you can see, the majority of men have a penis between 5 and 6 inches long, with 5.5 inches being the average. Therefore from this we can reasonably assume that ‘small’ would be anything less than 5 inches long. (To view the study please click here).

Despite there being statistical evidence that the average penis length is 5.5 inches, most men are still unhappy with their size, which is largely down to porn and the large penises seen in those types of movies. It must be remembered that actors in adult movies are well above average and use numerous tricks to increase the size of their manhood before filming, such a penis pumps, cialis and other such drugs.

Do women really care about penis size?

This question is the real reason men care about the size of their penis. When looking into this we have to take into consideration two types of survey: face to face surveys and anonymous ones. Why? Because women tend to be more honest during anonymous surveys. If we examine all of these surveys then we can see that size does matter to a degree, although this certainly doesn’t mean that a man with an average or even a small penis can’t satisfy a woman. On the flip side, it other surveys have suggested that 85% of women are happy with their partner’s penis size, whereas only 50% of men are happy with their own. As you can see, the problem mainly lies in a man’s own perception of his penis.

Don’t forget though, the average vagina is only around 4.5-5 inches deep, so having an average sized penis is never going to be a bad thing unless a woman has a much larger vagina and/or is used to partners with above averaged sized manhood.

‘How can I grow my penis? Do supplements or food work?’


Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies will prey on insecure men and claim that they have a magic pill or potion that will increase penis size. No food or supplement will increase the size of your penis. Period. Some products may enhance blood flow to your nether regions, giving the impression of penile growth, but this is only ever temporary. These type of sites are all too common nowadays – a smiling doctor and quotes from fake studies or testimonials, and a lot of men do fall for this because they are so desperate to increase the size of their member. No supplements have ever been approved by the FDA and none ever will, so you must be careful not to fall into the trap of believing the hyperbole you see surrounding penis enlargement pills.

What is even more frightening though is that some companies are even resorting to putting prescription drugs into their products to make them more effective. Numerous companies have been found spiking their products with Viagra, Cialis or Tadalafil, all of which are prescription only drugs that can cause some serious side effects, such as heart related illnesses.

Is penile enlargement surgery a viable option?

The number of clinics that now offer surgery is on the rise due to the sheer amount of men that are seeking to increase the size of their manhood. Can it work? Yes, but there are several caveats, and surgery isn’t something that should be rushed into without comprehensive research. I would certainly say that it’s a last case scenario for anyone considering altering their penis size. On the flip side, surgery is often used for correcting medical conditions within the penis itself.

How much does it cost? Anywhere from $5,000 up to $20,000 depending on the surgeon and the technique used. What techniques are used? There are two. Firstly, the cutting of the suspensory ligament, which may lengthen the penis, and secondly, injecting fat or other substances onto the penis to increase the girth. Do they always work? No. Cutting of the ligament may well increase flaccid size, but it is not proven to increase erect size, and any fat injected to the penis will be re- absorbed by the body at some point down the line. It may also result in your erections becoming softer.

For medical advice please view this NHS article.

Are penis extenders and pumps effective?


Both extenders and pumps can have a positive impact upon size, if used correctly and safely. A 6 month study carried out on extenders showed that they increase flaccid length by 32% and increased penile function by 36%, which is pretty impressive in anyones book. I know what you’re thinking – ‘were the gains permanent?’. Yes, they were. The measurements were taken before the study and then six months after the study ended. Extenders tend to be fairly expensive and are usually around the $200 – $300 region, but that’s a small price to pay for an extra inch on your penis, right?

Penis pumps are less effective at penis enlargement when used alone (although they will certainly increase the length and girth temporarily). If they are combined with manual exercises and hanging however, then may provide substantial and long-lasting results. They must be used with caution. It is all too easy to crank up the pressure in the tube too much, which could lead to both temporary and permanent damage to the penis. Always take it slow and steady – it is better to have too little pressure than too much. Start slowly and build you way up to longer periods within the chamber. As for price, pumps are cheaper than extenders for obvious reasons, and vary in price from $20 – $80.

Can exercises increase the size of my manhood?

jelqing-penisManual exercises are capable of inducing an increase in both length and girth. The most popular of these is something called jelqing, which is the process by which a semi-erect penis is ‘milked’ with two hands to increase the the flow of blood into the phallus, yet not allow blood back out, causing the penis to become engorged. It is done for many ‘sets’ of around 50 to 100 reps. It has been proven to be effective and some people have reported growth of up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. It is also completely free – all you need are you hands, your penis and some form of lube. On the downside however, it does take time and it’s not uncommon to be practising exercises for 6 months before they yield any results. Just as with extenders and pumps, you must be careful and remain cautious when carrying out exercises. More is not better and will often lead to penile injury.

Other manual options are stretches and hanging, both of which can contribute to gains if done safely and correctly.

Does penis enlargement using manual methods take long to show results?

That depends on what your definition of long is! If you were to combine manual exercises with an extender and a pump, then it would be feasible to expect minor gains within three months and greater gains within a 9-12 month period. It will take a long time, but good things come to those who wait as they say!

If you want instant gains, or an instant way to make your penis look bigger then lose fat from around your abdomen and the fat pad above your penis, and trim your pubes.

Is there such a thing as Small Penis Syndrome?

Sadly, that is a real psychological illness (WebMD have written a great article about it). Just like people have body or muscle dismorphia, penis related dismorphia can exist. It is the syndrome where a man believes his penis to be too small and are obsessed with this. Symptoms of which are anxiety, depression and isolation from sexual encounters. Anyone who think they might be suffering from such a condition should seek professional medical help immediately.

Other penis related issues that men from suffer from are premature ejaculation or curved penis. Both manual exercises and extenders can help with both this conditions.

‘My penis is affecting my confidence. What should I do?’

Every single penis on the planet is unique. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. If your penis is genuinely impacting upon your self esteem and/or mental health then you have several options. If you want to try penis enlargement exercises then by all means for it – you have nothing lose and people often see results. Or, you can seek professional psychological help from an expert to help you deal with the issues that you are facing. It isn’t easy dealing with any kind of confidence-related issues, but there is always a way out and that is through tackling things head on and making improvements in your mental and physical health. The underlying message is simple: don’t allow your penis size to dictate your confidence levels.

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