Everything you need to know about Legal Steroids

what are the best legal steroids

One of the most searched-for steroid related queries on Google is ‘legal steroids’, which isn’t really surprising as there are millions of people out there who want to improve their physique, strength and fitness through steroid use, yet want to buy them legally without any negative ramifications at the same time. Before anyone even contemplates beginning a steroid cycle they must be fully aware of both the pros and cons of anabolics – it would be extremely unwise to jump in at the deep end and start a cycle without carrying out at least moderate research into your chosen compounds and how to take them. Luckily (for the potential user) there are numerous online resources that will help them understand all about anabolics, what they do, how they should be used, how they should be cycled, what to do post-cycle etc…with online forums providing the most valuable information in the form of articles and the personal experiences of thousands upon thousands of steroid users. The available information isn’t limited to just anabolics either, the diet and training advice will be vital as you’ll need it to make the most of whichever cycle you decide to do. This article aims to give you a fairly in-depth look into what steroids are and how they work, so sit back and read on…

What are legal steroids?

As you would expect, they are the legal version(s) of illegal anabolic steroids. Although the latter were originally designed and manufactured for the purposes of medicine they are now illegal due to being defunct within medical circles as better and safer alternatives have been formulated to replace them (with the exception of testosterone, which will always be used for the purposes of HRT/TRT). Many believe that they were made illegal because they were dangerous, but this is not the case; anabolic steroids when taken sensibly and ‘used’ rather than ‘abused’ can be extremely safe. However, there are of course risks when taking them, which is why legal alternatives were created to allow gym goers, bodybuilders and those in the fitness community to reap the benefits of anabolics without the negative side effects. These allow users to achieve their goals (such as increasing mass, lean muscle or fat loss/getting ripped) without having to worry about negative effects that could pose a threat to their health. Of course, the gains (or losses if they are aiming t drop weight) won’t be as great or come as quickly as with the illegal version, but they will be impressive nonetheless.

What are the best legal steroids?

The best choices when it comes to legal anabolics are the ones that are best suited to your goal(s). There are three main goals that people usually have when it comes to altering their physique: 1) Bulking up, aka mass gaining. Increasing lean muscle mass and over all bodyweight. 2) Cutting, aka getting ripped. Reducing body fat whilst either maintaining current lean muscle mass or increasing it very slightly. 3) Gaining strength. There are specific products and stacks for each goal, which will be detailed below. However, before we go into further detail regarding these it is vital to note that just like steroids it is imperative that you have training and diet absolutely dialled in before beginning any anabolic course, otherwise you wont make the most of the products you are taking.

Bulking: there are four anabolics that are best suited to mass gaining and will all induce some serious gains if utilised properly. These are (in no particular order) – Danabol-25, Deca-200, Testx-600 and Tren-75. The first three are probably more suited to bulking than Tren-75 (as this can be used for cutting also), but all four are exceptionally potent and will help you gain some serious mass. If you want the absolute maximum gains possible then stacking all four of them together is the way forward.

Cutting: the three main legal steroids to get ripped are Var-10, Winn-50 and Tren-75. The latter is the most powerful of the three (as it will help to build serious size as well as drop body fat), but any of them can be used to good effect so long as diet and training is dialled in. The addition of clen maybe warranted if you are finding it particularly hard to drop body fat, but that should only be used as a last resort.

Strength: There are three products that are ideal for strength and that is Testx-600, Var-10 and Tren-75 – the latter being the most potent and will induce some serious strength gains so long as the correct training and diet are implemented alongside it.

Can you buy legal steroids at GNC?

It may seem an absurd question, but it is one that gets asked a lot and searched for even more than you’d expect! GNC (General Nutrition Centres) are a global chain of stores that sell bodybuilding, fitness and health supplements and products and stock pretty much everything bodybuilding-related you could imagine…but do they sell legal steroids? The answer to this question is no, they don’t, but (and that’s a big but) they did at one point stock designer steroids before they were banned in (an example of one being Superdrol, which was released by a company called Designer Supplements in 2005).

The next thing I am sure you are thinking is if they sell anything that could replicate or come close to anabolics? Well, in short no, but there are numerous natural supplements out there can be classed as a safer (and less potent) alternative to steroids for those that don’t want to take the risk. In this category you can place things like creatine (in all its various forms, although monohydrate is still the most proven), amino acids and pre-workout supplements – all of which are proven to have performance enhancing effects. Combined with a good whey protein and a solid workout and diet regime you cannot fail to make gains with the aforementioned alternative to illegal anabolics. Creatine is a known endurance booster and will certainly aid with strength; amino acids (particularly leucine) will help to speed up muscle repair and growth, and pre-workout drinks will give you a huge mental boost in the gym.

What are the legal steroids that work?

Ok, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase legal product(s) that will help you to achieve your bodybuilding fitness goals, but what are the best choices for you and your goals, and more importantly what are the anabolics that actually work? First off all I think it would be prudent of me to ensure that your workout and nutrition regime is