Where can you buy injectable steroids with credit card?

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injectable steroids card

Is it possible to buy injectable steroids with a credit card online?

It should come as no surprise that searches relating to steroids and credit cards are every-increasing and will, in my opinion, continue to rise. Why? Simply because more people are working out, more people want faster gains and more people want reach their dream body quicker. Steroids are the easier route achieving their ideal physique so they will turn to them when progress without them slows down. As you will know, there are two forms of steroids – injectables and orals. In this article we will solely focus on injectables and whether then can be purchased online using a credit card.

Firstly, can they be found online? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt. The online market for anabolic steroids is massive and will only continue to grow (for the reasons mentioned in the above paragraph). Every steroid website out there will stock injectables, so whichever compounds you’re looking to source you’ll have no issues finding them. Secondly, where can they be found? The best advice here is to head over to once of the steroids reviews sites such as eRoids or MuscleGurus and bring up the list of steroid suppliers in your country. Once you have done this you’ll simply have to go to each of their websites and see if they take payment by credit card. Yes, it may be a tedious task, but once you’ve found one you’ll be sorted. Place a test order to ensure they’re legitimate first though –  you don’t want to be getting stung out of hundreds of your hard earned dollars the first time you make a purchase online that’s for sure.

What types of injectable steroids can be found online?

Luckily for users, pretty much every type of injectable steroid can be found online on websites or another. Whilst the most popular steroids such as Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Masteron and Equipoise will be found on pretty much all websites, lesser well known ones such as Dihydroboldenone and Methyltrienolone will be harder to find. That doesn’t mean to say they will be impossible to find, as with the sheer number of online anabolics stores up and running and live on the world wide web it’d be pretty difficult not to be able to locate them.

When selecting which brand you’re going to use be sure to carry out due diligence on them before making a purchase. Choosing one shouldn’t be all that difficult due to the fact that steroid-based discussion is prevalent on all the major (and minor) bodybuilding forums and discussion boards, so finding out which brands/suppliers are legitimate and which aren’t will not be overly difficult. Another piece of advice which betaken into consideration is to only purchase steroids from your own country – never, ever import them from abroad. Domestic postal and parcel systems come under far less scrutiny than international ones (customs for example), so only ever select a domestic source. Don’t be tempted to buy steroids in offline/in person either as there are far too many risks associated with this and with the penalties for being involved in the sale of steroids (as a buyer or seller) are harsh. No one want to get in trouble for the sake of performance enhancing drugs now do they?

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