How to cycle anabolic steroids

What is the best way to Cycle Anabolic Steroids?

When it comes to the best way to cycle steroids or to even choosing which steroids and steroid cycle is best for you and your goals, there is a lot of information that must be considered and taken into account before a decision can be made. Which compound(s) are you considering? What are your overall goals for your cycle (bulking, cutting, recomping, strength etc…)? What is your previous steroid experience? In this article we will assume that you know what your goals are and are wondering how best certain steroids are utilised, either by themselves or as part of a multi-anabolic stack.

How to Cycle Testosterone

Testosterone Cycle

You’d be hard-pressed to find a steroid cycle without Testosterone in it; perhaps only in the latter stages of pre-content preparation (in the few weeks leading up to the show) is the only time you’d find a cycle devoid of Testosterone. The rest of the time Testosterone will almost always bee the mainstay of a cycle and will usually be the highest dosed too. But how is it best utilised a part of a cycle? Below we will discuss its use on it’s and in combination with other steroids, for the purposes of both cutting and bulking.

Using Testosterone for a Bulking Cycle

As a standalone: Testosterone can be used very effectively to bulk with even without other compounds in the mix. It is a widely-recognised standard protocol to do a Test-only cycle as your first foray into waters anabolic – and quite righty so. Most will suggest 500mg per week for 10-12 weeks, however I advocate lesser doses in the region of 250mg-300mg per week as you can still make excellent gains (in terms of muscle and strength) providing your calorie and protein intake is high, and you are training progressively and hard.

Stacked with other steroids: Pretty much every other bulking steroid can be stacked with Testosterone to form a potent mass gaining cycle. The typical oral choices when it comes to bulking are: Dianabol and Anadrol, although some users may opt for the equally as potent designer steroids Superdrol or M1T, or even the less potent Turinabol. There is no reason why other orals couldn’t be utilised, but the above options are the best when mass gaining is the goal. In terms of injectables, Testosterone is often cycled with Deca Durabolin, Equipoise and Trenbolone, although compounds such as Masteron or Primobolan could also be employed as part of the cycle too.

Using Testosterone for a Cutting Cycle

As a standalone: Testosterone can be used by itself for a cutting cycle, although in reality it is rarely used on its own for this purpose. The propionate ester most commonly used as it is fast acting and is in and out the system with 3 days (as oppose to enanthate or cypionate which takes weeks to dissipate), which most feel is more suitable for a cutting cycle, although in theory you could use a longer ester without much difference. Doses tend to be lower as you are mainly looking to retain or build a small amount of muscle mass and smaller doses are required for this; anywhere between 50mg to 150mg EOD are common.

Stacked with other steroids: The most common ‘ripping up’ cycle involving Testosterone is involving other anabolics, both oral and injectable. Popular oral choices will be Anavar and Winstrol, with some users opting for the extremely potent Halotestin. In terms of injectables Trenbolone Acetate and Masteron Propionate are extremely common and there are many blends on the market that include those two and Testosterone Propionate (abbreviated as TMT).

How to Cycle Dianabol

dianabol cycle

Dianabol is by far and away the most popular oral when it comes to bulking and mass gaining cycles. Why? Firstly, because it is strong enough to mediate substantial mass-inducing effects; secondly, it is generally better tolerated than other more potent orals such as Anadrol or Superdrol; and thirdly, it is the cheapest steroid to buy. It is evident from these three facts alone as to why Dianabol is the main stay of pretty much every bulking cycle. The most contentious issue that arises time and time again is whether Methandrostenolone can be used by itself; most will argue no, but I am of the opposite opinion and through both anecdotal experiences and scientific studies I will explain why below.

Using Dianabol for a Bulking Cycle

As a standalone: As mentioned above I have absolutely no issue with Dbol being used for a bulking cycle by itself. Sure, it is definitely better combined with other anabolics, but it can be used alone and the gain can be permanent (contrary to popular belief and internet myth). The dose required will depend on experience and bodyweight, but those starting out should look to use around 30-35mg per day for 6 weeks and those more experienced anywhere up to 60mg per day for 6 weeks.

Stacked with other steroids: Dianabol works best with other anabolics, particularly injectables. The most common bulking cycle is Dbol and Testosterone, with Deca Durabolin being a popular addition to this stack. Of course, other injectables such as Equipoise, Masteron or Trenbolone could be used in addition to this. It can also be used with other orals despite many 100% against this. You will of course need to lower the dose of both (usually by around 50%) to ensure a minimal impact on your liver as possible and some form of liver support supplement is needed to be safe.

How to Cycle Anavar

anavar cycle

If you were to ask someone what a typical oral only cutting cycle is then I guarantee they would mean Anavar. It is by far away the most used cutting steroid and it is easy to see why, but it also has its part in strength cycles too. It would never be used alone for the latter, but it certainly could be for the former.

Using Anavar for a Cutting Cycle

As a standalone: Being one of the more ‘mild’ oral steroids available on the market today, Anavar is often used by itself as for cutting cycles. Although it is methylated and will of course negatively impact cholesterol and lipid values, on the whole it is better tolerated than other orals and it is this reason why it so often chosen (Winstrol is the other main cutting compound and Oxandrolone is more often than not more mild than that). By itself Var can be cycled for anywhere up to 10 weeks and doses can be as high as 100mg for those experienced enough. For newcomers and lighter people I would suggest now more than 60mg for 8 weeks, with 6 weeks being the preferable cycle length for health issues.

Stacked with other steroids: Anavar is most commonly stacked with Testosterone propionate for the purposes of getting lean and building a small amount of muscle mass. In addition to this, compounds such as Trenbolone and Masteron (usually the acetate and propionate esters respectively) may also be added to the mix. Other orals don’t tend to be combined with Var, but some do like to combine Winstrol with it for an extra edge.

As stated above, it can also be used for strength purposes, as although it is a weak steroid in terms of its anabolic activity, it can produce substantial strength gains in those seeking to improve their power. Combined with such powerhouses as Anadrol and Halotestin, Var will help to increase strength far beyond what was though possible.

How to Cycle Deca Durabolin

deca durabolin cycle

When it comes to injectable bulking steroids Deca sits firmly behind Testosterone in order of popularity and possibly even effectiveness too. It has been used for decades as part of mass gaining cycles and will continue to be used for many more decades to come one would assume. Rarely used by itself, due to the fact is has practically no androgenic component and promotes progesterone activity within the body (which can cause the famous ‘deca dick’ side effect), Deca will always be stacked with at least one other steroid as part of a bulking cycle.

Using Deca Durabolin for a Bulking Cycle

Stacked with other steroids: The most famous old school cycle is Deca, Testosterone and Dianabol, although some have omitted the use of Testosterone and just used Deca and Dianabol (Lee Priest has spoken about using this cycle many times). I would always advise Testosterone as the base of any stack, particularly when Deca or any 19-nor steroid is used, as they can cause issues with libido, which will be helped by the Testosterone.

How to Cycle Winstrol

buy-winstrol cycle

Like Anavar, Winstrol is primarily used as part of cutting cycles to help users burn fat whilst retaining or building lean muscle mass.  It is better than Var at the latter, but not not as good at the former, so those looking to lose maximum amounts of fat mass should opt for Oxandrolone or Trenbolone. Winstrol, however, is very good at building lean muscle mass and can do so in calorie deficit, which is a huge bonus for those looking to cut. Although a ripping up cycle doesn’t need to contain Winstrol, it is pretty much always a good addition to any stack.

Using Winstrol for a Cutting Cycle

Stacked with other steroids: Winstrol is most commonly stacked with a short-estered Testosterone (such as propionate or the rarer acetate), but compounds like Trenbolone and Masteron are sometimes thrown into the mix as well. It is also not uncommon for other orals to be added too, with Anavar being the most popular choice here. Two orals is frowned on most of the time, but as these two are fairly mild in terms of their effects on the liver they can be safely stacked as sensible dosages (obviously blood work is a must!).

How to Cycle Trenbolone

trenbolone cycle

Being such a potent steroid, Trenbolone can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles. It is probably suited better to the former, as it can cause decreased appetite and impact negatively upon sleep, which may hinder consuming the amount of food and rest required to put on bulk and muscle mass; it should not be discounted though, as it is a proven muscle builder. As for the opposite, well, it has been shown numerous times to burn body fat and build muscle so those looking to lean up and build muscle simultaneously should look towards using Trenbolone as part of their cycle…if they can handle the side effects that is! One thing is for certain – Trenbolone should never be used alone.

Using Trenbolone as part of your Cycle

Bulking: Trenbolone combined with Testosterone is a mammoth bulking cycle; add in an oral kick-starter at the beginning and there is no way you cannot gain substantial mass throughout the duration (anadrol or dianabol are the most popular choices). There is often an argument about which to dose higher – some find higher Tren, lower Test is better to control side effects, whereas others find higher Test, lower Tren to be better; either way it is always best to find out how you react to both and decide which is best for you. Added extras may include Masteron (Trenbolone, Testosterone and Masteron is often combined in steroid mixes known as ‘TMT’, as they work so well together and provide a myriad of different benefits that work exceptionally well together) and equipoise, although the later may have too harsh an impact upon RBC, so this must always be considered. For bulking longer esters tend be preferred, so enanthate is the go to ester.

Cutting: There isn’t a massive between bulking and cutting where Tren is concerned, the only difference is the ester, which is more often than not a shorter acting ester such as acetate. The ‘TMT’ blend mentioned above usually comes in a longer-estered version and a shorter-estered version, and the latter would be better suited for cutting. Orals such as Anavar or Winstrol could also be added to your cycle for an extra edge, although I very much doubt they would actually provide all that much difference with Tren being such a potent steroid.