Before and After Anabolic Steroid Usage


Before and After a Steroids Cycle

When people do research on potential anabolic steroid compounds or multi-compound cycles they often search for photos or information from before and after the cycle has been completed. This, as you wold expect, is searched for very frequently and it is not surprising after everyone takes anabolics (and goes to the gym of course!) to look better, so they want to see what is achievable. Although most photos are not representative of typical results and sometimes will be photoshopped, it is important to view these and cycle logs that detail changes in bodyweight, strength, mood, side effects etc…so you can be prepared when it comes to your own course. Below are the most popular steroids and a brief discussion on each with regards to pre and post cycle.


Before and after a Dianabol cycle is probably the most searched for out of all the steroids. Why? Because ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ is by the far the most popular oral anabolic on the market and is used by more people than any other steroid (with perhaps the exception of injectable testosterone). The combination of Dianabol being both cheap and extremely good at putting on body mass (and strength not let forget) results in millions of users across the globe – but what can someone who take it expect? Firstly, to blow up in size. It is not unheard of to be 20-25lbs heavier after a cycle of ‘Dbol’; sure only a small portion will be lean muscle mass, but there will some for certain. In terms of strength one can expect to add a minimum of 10% to their poundages of the main four compound lifts (squat, deadlift, bench and military press), with some users adding much more and blowing their previous PB’s out of the water.


By far and away the most popular injectable steroid and not surprisingly so many people want to know what before and after a Testosterone cycle looks like. Whenever you trawl forums on the internet regarding first cycles you’ll always see the same advice: Testosterone for 8-12 weeks. Why? Because it is very good advice and should be heeded. The gains, both in terms of overall mass, lean muscle mass and strength (as long as training and nutrition is on point) should be extremely good. I know from personal experience that a long-estered testosterone only cycle can yield gains well into the teens and have know people to gain will into the twenties; it is, after all, our natural anabolic/androgenic hormone and I would wholeheartedly recommend any first-timer to use it by itself over an extended period to really reap the rewards of having fresh, unsaturated androgen receptors.


Anavar is probably in second place when it comes to particular anabolic steroids in relation to ‘before and after’ searches on Google. This is not surprising as behind the aforementioned Dianabol it is probably the most popular anabolic steroids used for cutting. Despite its expense (it is one of the most expensive steroids to buy due to the fact that raw powders are very costly due to its chemical synthesis being more difficult and longer than other steroids), it remains extremely popular – hence why so many people want to know what to expect from an Anavar cycle. Photos are probably the best way to see the effects of Var as the gains in both muscle and body fat loss will be minimal, but a combination of the two certainly does bring about a leaning effect and will make the user appear more ripped. I myself have only completed one Var only cycle and I definitely think it was a success as I added several pounds of lean muscle mass and dropped body fat – exactly what those using oxandrolone are seeking.


Being the second most popular cutting steroid, before and after a Winstrol cycle is something that thousands of people seek out every month on search engines. But what is can be expected of Winstrol? Just like Anavar, it will produce slow, but solid lean muscle mass gains; although it hard to put a figure on this (as there are so many variables), it would not uncommon to gains 5-7lbs of clean, lean tissue in an 8 week cycle. In terms of strength it would not be unheard of to add at least a decent amount to your poundages, although as we all know Winstrol can be particularly hard on joints, causing joint pain at anything above low dosages so pure strength and power training may be extremely difficult, maybe even impossible. One aspect not related to muscle or strength gains that potential users may wish to be aware of is the impact upon hair – if you are prone to Male Pattern Baldness then ‘Winni’ may exacerbate this quite rapidly.


Before and after an Anadrol cycle is where you’d see the most visible physical changes. Oxymetholone is widely known as the most potent oral bulking anabolic steroid in existence (only Superdrol and Methyl-1-Testosterone can match it in terms of pure mass gains). Photos pre and post cycle would be hugely difference with many, many lbs of overall body mass added for sure. How much? Impossible to be exact, but a 4 week Anadrol only cycle would probably result in at least 15lbs of bulk added. Granted, just like Dianabol, a lot would be water, but there would still be lean muscle gains underneath all the fluid retention, in addition to exceptional strength gains. Most would advise against oral only cycles, particularly ‘wet bulkers’ such as Dbol and Drol, but if taken correctly with training and diet absolutely dialled in then there is no harm whatsoever in doing so. Of course the user must be wary of the side effects as oral will no doubt have an impact on liver values, blood pressure and red blood cell count, but these will almost always drop back to within range after a cycle has been completed.

Deca Durabolin

Injectable long-estered Nandrolone (known as Deca Durabolin) has many similarities and also many differences to injectable testosterone, and it important to know of these before commencing a cycle and to factor these in when assessing what kind of results are possible. Will Deca put mass on you? Undoubtedly, yes. Will it do it as quickly as testosterone? No. Will the gains be on par with testosterone? Probably. Although a great ‘anabolic’, Deca is not very androgenic, either itself or its 5-alpha-reduced form (Dihydronandrolone), which is actually less androgenic (the opposite of testosterone that gets reduced to dihydrotestosterone, which is approximately 3-4 as androgenic as its parent hormone). This means that strength gains will probably not be as pronounced, nor will mood or aggression be as enhanced – although on the plus side it does mean less androgenic-based side effects. From a person standpoint I wouldn’t use Deca and for several reasons (not in any particular order): it is extremely watery and will induce serious bloating; in most cases it will cause erection and sexual desire problems; it is extremely hard to recover from as it can stay in the system for up to 18 months and it has been shown to be 11 times more damaging to blood vessels then testosterone.


Despite the fact that trenbolone is a real ‘marmite’ type of drug, it cannot be denied that it is an extremely powerful physique-changing compound, which will show in before and after shots. Tren has been shown in studies (as well as in real life instances thousands of times over) to build lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same – the holy grail of anabolics if you will. You will, without a shadow of a doubt, be visibly bigger and leaner after a Tren cycle; the extent to which will of course be determined by diet, training and which other compounds you are stacking it with, but be prepared for significant physique improvements.