Can you buy HGH with a Credit Card?

Is it possible to buy Human Growth Hormone with a credit card or debit card? In this article we look at HGH and whether it can be purchased using card payment. Read on below…

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Is it possible to buy HGH using a credit or debit card…?

HGH is one of the most sought after performance enhancing drugs on the planet – an rightly so. Its ability to build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat is well known, therefore it is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of people are looking to buy it every month. The question is, can you user your credit card to buy HGH? With internet shopping now far more popular than physical shopping, and the use of both credit and debit cards through the roof, people are now starting to wonder whether they can purchase PED’s using this method of payment. The answer, is yes, you can. Although it is possible, it isn’t overly straightforward (nor overly difficult either), therefore the are some important rules that must be adhered to. Luckily for you, we’re experts in this field and are able to give you a step-by-step guide into making a safe HGH purchase.

  1. Domestic only: Although it can be extremely tempting to purchase HGH from foreign sources (usually due to the lower prices), do not this (very common) mistake). I am always baffled when I see people order from abroad when there are a plethora of domestic sources that are able to provide high quality anabolics and compounds. Domestic postal services are far less monitored than international ones, so by using a domestic source you reduce the chances of it being confiscated and destroyed, and your name and address being added to the blacklist.
  2. Do your research: Never make a purchase without carrying out due diligence. You’d never make any other form of purchase without reading reviews and feedback, so you certainly shouldn’t do it where PED’s are concerned. Utilise the two many steroid review websites: eRoids and MuscleGurus, as they have a significant amount of HGH sources listed on them. To read the reviews simply go to the relevant section. To find out whether the accept credit card or debit card requires a little more leg work as you’ll have to go onto the websites to see which payment methods they accept.
  3. Test purchase: If you find a suitable online store that takes cards then always make a test purchase first. Even if they site has glowing reviews, things can still go wrong, so you need to cover your back. Once you’ve established that they are legitimate and have acceptable customer service and shipping times then you can order a larger quantity of products.

Can you purchase injectable HGH online?

This is another question that is commonly asked, and the answer to the previous question pretty much provides everything you need to know. You need to be aware that HGH is commonly faked, therefore always stick to brands that have a good reputation, and buy always try to buy pharmaceutical grade if you are able to afford it. I’d say that HGH is one of the most hard to source PED’s, if not the hardest, so you need to make sure that you have your wits about you. Another factor that must be taken into account is the fact that HGH is expensive, therefore you must be doubly sure that the source you are purchasing from is genuine.

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