Do you need help finding a steroid source?

Are you looking for a legitimate source to buy steroids from? Sick of trawling the internet looking for authentic suppliers? Our guide to finding a reliable steroid supplier will help you to find what you’re looking for….

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reliable steroid source

Searching for a reliable steroid source? We’re here to help…

With the severity of steroid laws in most countries it is not surprising that locating a reliable steroid supplier is difficult for most people. Luckily for you we have a vast experience of the industry and the current market, and are therefore able to offer advice that should steer you in the correct direction when it comes to purchasing steroids online. There first rule that everyone reading this (yes, you!) needs to take heed of it that you should never buy anabolics from anyone in person. There are too many risks attached to doing so, even if you know and trust the person very well. The penalties for buying and selling steroids are high, and the last thing you wan’t to be doing is spending time behind bars. Only ever buy from the internet. Whilst some of you may think that buying online is a bad idea, it is actually isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it used to me many years ago when scammers were rife, but nowadays with steroid review sites and bodybuilding forums it is far easer to decipher which suppliers and brands are ‘good to go’.

Three steps to finding a legitimate anabolic supplier

So, you’ve decided to purchase steroids online and are sat at your computer/with your tablet or phone or tablet in your hand….what next?

  1. Head on over to one of the most popular steroid reviews websites – these are eRoids and MuscleGurus. Once there locate the list of steroid suppliers and select country. This is very important. Never, ever buy steroids from anywhere but your own country. International postage and customs is far more checked and stricter than domestic postage (which is largely unhindered) so always select the country you’re in. Once you’ve done this you’ll be presented with an extensive list of suppliers.
  2. Go through each and every one of them and see if they sell the product(s) you’re looking for. If they do, go back and check out the reviews. Do they sell authentic products? Do they ship quickly and discreetly? Do you seem to have good customer service? Be thorough. Check bodybuilding forums for more reviews and to read the views of other people off the review site.
  3. Place a test order. Under no circumstances should you places a big order when buying for the first time. Even if the site has lots of reviews it is not a wise move to spend more than $100. Once you’ve placed an order you can analyse the supplier. Did they ship it quickly, safely and securely? Did they communicate well? Is the product legitimate? If you can answer all of these questions with a positive outcome then you have a reliable steroid source on your hands!

Which payment method should you use to buy steroids?

If there’s one question that will cause a debate it is the one above. Some say never use your credit or debit card to buy steroids, whilst others will say that you should. But what is the answer? What is the best payment method? It is the one that offers you the most protection. Many websites will only accept bank transfer or some form of money transfer system, using the excuse that credit card payments aren’t anonymous, which is laughable as no payment method is anonymous and all can be traced! Credit card payment is the best option because it offers the most protection. If the supplier doesn’t send the good or they they fake then you ring your bank and get them to issue a chargeback. Websites that sell steroids will never fight and challenge these claims as they don’t want to risk exposing their activities. It’s a win-win situation for you, the customer, and as with anything on life you must look after number one.

So there you have it – a brief guide on finding a reliable steroid source! Thanks for reading and have a great day!