What Clen Results are possible?

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What results can be expected from using Clenbuterol?

When it comes to using any PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) it is always difficult to provide accurate information about what can be expected in terms of gains (or losses!), and it is no different where clenbuterol is concerned. Why? Simply because the topic is so subjective and there are so many variables that must be considered. ‘But what are these’? you may be thinking, well, they include, but are not limited to:

  1. Genetics: everyone is different and no two people will react exactly the same to a specific drug. Although there are common effects and side effects, the only real way to tell how you respond is by taking the compound itself. This is number one because not only do genetics determine how your body will react to a certain drug, it will also determine how your diet and training effect you and this also.
  2. Diet: No two people will have exactly the same diet, both in terms of macronutrients/micronutrients and meal/nutrient timing(s). This means that this can never be a ‘control’ or a ‘constant’.
  3. Training: Just like diet, no two people will train exactly the same, both in terms of exercises, weight moved and workout timings(s).

The above bullet points are the main three, but there are other that could be taken into account. Despite this, it is possible to give general advice and information on gains/losses and effects (both good and bad) based on the sheer number of people that have used this fat burning thermogenic compound in the past. This is beneficial as you will be aware of what to expect both in terms of positive and negative effects and could possibly plan ahead to address these when or if they occur.

What is the best way for a beginner to use clen?

When using a compound for the very first time it is extremely important to do your research on it. Never take something because someone has advised you to without reading up on it first. Google is your friend here – read forums and encyclopedia type website to get an idea of what to expect with regards to effects and also what other people experienced from taking it. Once you have done that (and please do many hours of research!) then start with the lowest dose possible – never, ever start with a high dose. Clen usually comes in 20mcg tablets, so the best advisable starting dose for men would be 10mcg per day and for women 5mcg per day. Take this low dosage for several days to ascertain you reaction to it, the up the dose by 5mcg and so on and so forth. Some people will be able to tolerate up to 60mcg a day (although this is both rare and dangerous), whereas some will be able to do no more than 20mcg per day.

With regards to length of usage or ‘cycle’ then three to six weeks is common, however it will al depend on your end goals and you tolerance to the compound itself. Never run it for more than six weeks (I’d actually advise no more than four weeks) and don’t be tempted to run it over this period even if you can handle the compound without an tangible side effects.