Can you buy steroids with your Visa card?

Are you looking to purchase anabolic steroids using your Visa card?

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Is it possible to buy steroids using a Visa card?

With the huge amount of people wanting to use steroids these day it is not surprising to see that number of online steroid stores has gone through the roof – but can you use your Visa card, or indeed any form of credit card to buy steroids? Whilst there are many hundreds of website that sell anabolics, not all will take payment in the form of Visa, so locating sites that do can be a little bit of a struggle. Luckily for those that do wish to pay using your card and want to find these sites A.S.A.P, there are several fairly easy ways to do this.

As demand for steroids has gone up, so has the amount of products on the market, however most of these are now produced by UGL’s (Underground Labs), which means that it is almost impossible to know if a product or brand is legitimate. To combat this there have been several steroid review websites created, which were formed for the sole purpose of source discussion, i.e. figuring out who sells legitimate steroids and who doesn’t, and having this valuable information in the public domain. These review sites are an excellent way to check out sources and locate potential sellers that may take Visa card. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sift though each seller individually to see if they take card payment, but it’ll sure be worth it when you finally find one that does! Always remember to make a test purchase and only ever buy from a source that has good reviews both in terms of product quality and customer service.

How safe is it to purchase steroids online using Visa?

If you’d have asked me this question even five years ago I’d have told you it wouldn’t be a wise idea to get your steroids from an online source (particularly not one that purported to accept card payments!), however times have changed, and it is now a lot safer to buy steroids on the internet. Whilst you obviously must have your wits about you, do your research and remain vigilant at all times, the review websites mentioned above make the realm of buying anabolics a fairly safe place. Of course, you cannot be haphazard and act in a gung-ho fashion when making such purchases as it still is a grey market after all. Here are a few rules to follow when buying steroids off the internet:

  1. Always do your research. Never buy from the first site you find, even if they do take Visa. Use the review sites to see which are the best sources from your country and then make a reasoned and thoughtful decision.
  2. Only buy from domestic sources. Domestic postal systems are vetted way, way less heavily than international ones. Customs in most countries are extremely strict, so it it’d be wise never to take the risk of trying to import anabolics. Always stick to domestic sources.
  3. Make a test purchase. Even if you think you’ve found a legitimate seller, always make a test purchase first to ensure they deliver the correct goods in a timely fashion. Many sites won’t have a minimum order limit, so purchase one vial or bottle of tablets and see how if they arrive quickly and are indeed an authentic product.

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