Can you Buy Steroids with a Debit Card online?

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Is it possible to buy steroids with your debit card online?

It should not come as a surprise that Google searches involving steroids and debit cards is on the rise. Why? Simply because more and more people are now turning to anabolics to improve their physiques and athletic performance. The usage of steroids has become much more prevalent over the last decade, not least because of the ease of which they can be purchased (particularly online). Their effectiveness and relative safety (if used carefully) has also contributed massively to their burst in popularity and with laws as they are it is unlikely that their usage will start to wilt anytime soon. As you will be aware, there are two main forms of steroids – injectables and orals and in this article we will be delving into the world of buying these with a debit card.

The first question most people will ask will be, ‘Can legit steroids be found on the internet?’. The answer to which is yes, of course. All you need to do is one Google search for a steroid related search term and you’ll a whole host of websites that sell steroids. The second question usually asked is, ‘Are websites that sell steroids safe?’. This is a more difficult question to answer, however there are several extremely useful websites out there than collate user reviews of steroid suppliers, which clearly is a vital tool for those seeking to purchase anabolics online. If you head over to eRoids or MuscleGurus then you’ll be able to view all steroid vendors and then by visiting these sites you’ll be able to ascertain whether or not they take debit card payments.

Is it safe to use your card to buy anabolics?

If you asked most people this question then they’d definitely insist that it isn’t safe at all and you’d lose all your money. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst there are many risk inherent with purchasing anabolics online (whether you use your debit card or not), just because you use your card it doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be the victim of an unscrupulous vendor. In fact, the opposite is true. If you by card then you have the option of a chargeback should the transaction go ‘pear-shaped’ – something which can’t be said for transaction paid for by bank transfer, international money transfer or cash. Despite the fact that most steroid sellers will tell you that card payments aren’t safe because they ‘aren’t anonymous’, in reality no payment method is 100% anonymous (with the exception of Bitcoin, although this is becoming more and more traceable).

Choosing the correct supplier is absolutely vital to this process, and as mentioned above there are two major review sites that will offer an insight into which sellers are genuine and which are not. Be sure to scour these sites for legitimate sellers and then visit them to see whether they take card payments. One other piece of advice which is extremely valuable is to only ever purchase anabolics from your own country, i.e. domestically. Never, ever purchase any from abroad. Why? Customs is far more strict and monitored than any internal postage system, therefore by using domestically sources only you decrease the chances of your package(s) get stopped and your products confiscated. Oh, and don’t forget – NEVER buy steroids in person – even if you trust and know the person. There are far too many risks involved in doing so and it would not be a wise move to make. Just stick to using your debit card online instead!

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