Looking to buy steroids with your credit card?

If you want to buy steroids with your credit card online then there are certain things you must be aware of before doing so. Read our comprehensive guide on buying steroid online to ensure that choose the right online store.

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Can you really buy steroids on the internet using your credit card?

If you asked anyone this question 10 or even five years ago they’d have told you, ‘no’ and that you’d be mad to try! Luckily, for those seeking to purchase steroids online there are now not only a whole host of legitimate sites, but also a modest number that accept credit card payment. With the ever increasing number of people using gyms and wanting to improve their body, it is no surprise that steroid use around the globe has increased dramatically; there now are now hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that sell anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, given those that seeks these compounds an easy to route to finding and buying them.

When someone wants to buy anabolics and decides to go down the internet route (which is much safer than buying in person, that’s for sure!) then they will of course wonder which payment types will be accepted, and more importantly, which ones are the safest. If you were to visit sites that don’t accept card payment then you’d see the same tagline on all of them (in reference to card payments and why they don’t take them), i.e. that they aren’t anonymous, therefore it isn’t safe. In reality, this isn’t true, and is simply done to make you avoid their competition who may offer a card-based payment method. All forms of payment, barring bitcoin, are not anonymous. Can you setup a bank account or send money to a bank account anonymously? No. Can you send or collect money from a western union or MoneyGram vendor, anonymously? No. Every payment method will have some form way of identifying both the buyer and the seller, so you are best served by using the one that offers you, the buyer, the most protection. Which is? Yes, you guessed it, using your credit card.

Before making any form of steroids-related purchase online you must do your due diligence – never buy from the first site you come across, even if they do accept credit card payment. To find out the legitimate suppliers always do your research across bodybuilding forums and steroid review sites. There are a plethora of useful and trustworthy sites out there that offer great advice and honest reviews, so take some time to read through them before making any purchases. When you do finally make a purchase, always make a test one first (for the minimum order amount) as this way you can see whether they’re authentic and how quickly they ship their products.

What types of steroids can you buy online?

As stated in the aforementioned paragraph, with the demand for steroids as it currently is, it it no surprise that a wide variety of steroids and other PED’s are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a few dollars in their pocket. All forms of injectable and orals steroids are no widely available, with newer steroids being introduced periodically in both forms. There has also been a surge in peptide-related products, with more and more people turning to them to use in conjunction with steroids. Here are the most common steroids available online:

Injectables: testosterone, deca durabolin, equipoise, trenbolone, masteron, dihydroboldenone, primobolan.

Orals: dianabol, anadrol, winstrol, anavar, halotestin, superdrol.

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