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Where can you find real dianabol for sale?

Methandrostenolone, aka Dianabol is the most popular oral bulking anabolic available on the market today. Although it is not the most powerful mass-inducing steroid (Anadrol, Superdrol and M1T are more potent, but have greater side effects), its cost and risk:reward ratio is one of the best out there. It is cheaper than pretty much all other steroids (with perhaps the exception of methyl-testosterone, but that is rarely used nowadays as it serves no purpose for muscle building whatsoever) and will provide solid results for anyone who is looking to add size. It can be used as a standalone for between four and six weeks, or as part of a longer, injectable based cycles as a ‘kick-starter’, and although many will discourage its use for the former, it can actually produce very good and keepable gains if used correctly. Of course, if the goal is all out mass then combining it with testosterone (and possibly other compounds) would be the best bet, but for those not wanting to or able to inject than by itself at a decent enough dosage will result in more than modest gains (just ensure your training and diet is in place first!).

If you’re unsure whether to opt for it or another bulking oral (perhaps one mentioned in the above paragraph) I would say that in terms of risk to reward ratio, Dbol offers a much more user-friendly experience. It is, of course, not without side-effects, but on the whole it is tolerated very well by most users. If you are after something that is almost side-effect free (but therefore a weaker compound), then you may want to look in the direction of Turinabol as that is seen as its less potent ‘younger brother’.

Where can you find Methandrostenolone for sale?

Luckily for those wanting to buy real Dianabol there isn’t too much difficulty in doing so. Why? Mainly because it is so cheap to manufacture that is hardly ever faked, and secondly because of the fact it is so effective at what it does, i.e. putting on mass, therefore every source will stock it. When it comes to the actual purchase of it there are, as with pretty much all other anabolic steroids, two methods: online or offline. I would always advise the former as with the abundance of review sites cropping up nowadays it is every easy to find out which websites are authentic and which are not. Plus, if you are a country where law on anabolic steroids are extremely strict such as the USA, Canada and Australia, if you get caught buying you will be in a lot of trouble with law enforcement. In countries such as the UK laws are less strict and buying this way is easier, but I would always advise buying dianabol from the internet.

How common is authentic dianabol?

Unlike (bordering on) prohibitively expensive anabolics such primobolan, halotestin and anavar (probably not so much the latter), dianabol is one of the cheapest steroids to produce, which means it is rarely faked. This, of course, is of great benefit to those who wish to use it as they can, as long as they purchase from a verified source, be assured of a legitimate product. However, as is to be expected with an underground lab product (as it is not produced by any legitimate pharmacies anymore), you can never been 100% sure what is in a tablet, or whether the dosage is correct. From my experience labs with a good reputation always dose their products correctly and with the aforementioned inexpensive nature of Dbol pills, I can’t see under-dosing ever being an issue.

What is the best way use to cycle real Dbol?

There are many options when it comes to cycling dianabol, but the first choice a user has to make is whether they will be using it by itself (‘a standalone cycle’) or in conjunction with other anabolic steroids. The first option, although much maligned by many (for reasons that do not really stand up to scrutiny) is ideal for those who won’t or can’t inject, and will actually provide substantial and keepable gains if used correctly. The second option is most definitely the better option for those looking for even better gains, as longer cycles mean more time to build more muscle and gives your body longer to acclimatise to your new body size and extra muscle. There are variety of steroids you could use in conjunction with dianabol, but the classic cycle is with testosterone – I would say testosterone and dbol has built more muscle, mass and strength than any other steroid combination! Other steroids that could be added into the mix (testosterone should always be used a base for every cycle regardless of your goals) are Deca durabolin, Trenbolone, Equipoise and Masteron.

Can you stack Dianabol with other oral steroids?

I would make a bet that if you asked 100 so called ‘steroid experts’ this question (or even a normal steroid-using gym goer) they would instantly dismiss the question and claim that your liver would fall out the next time you go to the toilet. In actual fact, you can combine  certain oral steroids together safely, but there are precautions that must be adhered to before you commence with this. First of all under no circumstances should Superdrol, M1T or halotestin be combined with any other oral steroid; they are far too toxic and doing so could cause serious issues. You’re probably wondering why Anadrol did not appear on that list, but compared to the aforementioned three Anadrol is actually fairly mild. Stacking it with real Dianabol is an oral cycle that has been used by many people to great effect as they seem to work synergistically to induce substantial gains. If you are going to do this however, you must reduce the dosage of each compound and take no more than 30mg per day of dianabol and no more than 50mg a day of anadrol.