Methandrostenolone for Sale

Methandrostenolone for Sale

What is Methandrostenolone?

Methandrostenolone, more commonly known as Dianabol, is an oral anabolic steroids usually taken to increase body mass, muscle mass and strength. First synthesised in the 1960’s by CIBA Pharmaceuticals to aid American athletes, it became (and remains) one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time because it extremely effective and is probably the least expensive compound on the market today. For those considering using Metandienone it is important to know what it does and it effects the body, in both positive and negative ways.

Why is Metandienone such a good bulking oral steroid?

Being a derivative of testosterone you know straight away that it will, like testosterone is itself, an exceptionally good anabolic for inducing mass gains. But why is this? If we examine its anabolic:androgenic ratio we can see that the former is 90-210 and the latter is 40-60. If we average out the anabolic rating it comes in at 150, so on paper Dianabol would appear to be one and half times as anabolic and half as androgenic as testosterone. Is this accurate? It is very hard to tell as you can’t really compare an oral steroid to an injectable one, but at similar doses of 350mg a week for 6 weeks (350mg of testosterone propionate vs 50mg of Dianabol every day equalling 350mg per week), I doubt you’d see much difference in overall body mass, muscle gains and strength. It is often thought that the perfect bulking steroid is one with a very high anabolic rating and a low androgenic rating, but as you can see from steroids such as Anavar and Primobolan, this isn’t the case; you need at least a moderate amount of androgenicity and Dianabol has that, despite not activating the androgen receptor well at all.

What effects does Methandrostenolone have on the body?

Dianabol will dramatically increase nitrogen retention within the body, thus increasing protein synthesis. This means that muscle will recover and rebuild quicker after workouts – something that is very beneficial to those wanting to add muscle and overall size. Red blood cell count will no doubt rise, which will help to improve endurance, which again will indirectly help with building muscle and gaining strength. Although many will see the obligatory water retention as a bad thing, it really does help with increasing poundages as it lubricates and strengthens the joints and tendons around the muscle.

On the flip side, however, Dianabol can increase blood pressure beyond normal values, which when combined with a higher red blood cell count than normal could cause heart-related issues. It is vital to monitor both of these both before, during and after your cycle. Those prone to male pattern baldness may notice an increase in shedding, and those prone to acne may also experience this. As with any steroid cycle, it is important to keep diet as clean as possible, ensure your intake of vegetables in high, as well as your omega-3 fats as this will all help to minimise side effects and keep your body as healthy as it can kept with taking steroids. If you are seeking methandrostenolone for sale then please click the product link at the stop of the page to be re-directed to our online store.

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