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Is Dianabol the No.1 oral bulking anabolic?

I am sure this article will cause a stir between those that love Dianabol pills and those that don’t. Before I begin I would like to make it clear that I am talking about the oral (pill/tablet) form of Dianabol and not the injectable version. The latter does still exists but is seldom found and is more expensive so in my opinion there is no point talking it, unless you have issues with your liver and you’re absolutely dying to take Dbol (which should be nobody!). So why would it be considered the number one bulking anabolic out there? What benefits does it offer? Are there other steroids that rival or even beat it in terms of muscle and body mass gains, strength increases etc…? I will attempt to answer both sides of this argument and provide a balanced view (yes, I’m sitting on the fence…for now).

I think most people would agree that Dianabol is a tremendous bulking steroid. It does exactly what it should do: add mass, increase muscle and boost strength, the three most important characteristics of any bulking anabolic. Not only does it do these, it also does them very quickly; it is not uncommon for someone to add 10lbs of mass (mainly water weight, obviously) within a week or two, in addition to adding substantial weight to their lifts. Is it quality lean muscle mass? No. Does it need to be? No. We are bulking here remember, the idea is to get as big as possible. Sure, a (primarily) clean diet is needed along with sufficient protein, but as along enough calories are consumed and strength is increasing each session then lean muscle tissue will be accrued regardless of all the water (and potentially fat) on top of it. Dianabol pills are perfect for this – they fulfil the needs of the job to the letter.

The downside(s) to Dianabol and alternatives to it

On the flip side of the coin, Dianabol does, of course, have negative side effects, which may cause issues with the very goal set out to achieve – bulking. It can cause stomach issues with some users, which will in turn affect appetite…no appetite equals less food consumed than needed to grow. Luckily this isn’t all that often and usually dies down after the first few days. Secondly, due to the fact is increase water retention (due to aromatisation to estrogen and methyl-estradiol) and intracellular sodium retention, Dianabol may cause horrendous pumps (particularly in the back), which may cause problems with working out. The last thing anybody wants is to not be able to work out to 100% of their potential and this would of course reduce progress (both in terms of mass and strength) made throughout the cycle. This can however be addressed by eating bananas and taking taurine, which both are proven to help with cramps and pumps.

Although Dianabol pills are extremely good, other steroids such as Anadrol, Superdrol or Methyl-1-Testosterone pills could be used instead, although these three compounds are far harsher than Dbol when it comes to side effects and must also be ran for a shorter period time (3-4 weeks instead of 4-6). Overall I would suggest that Dianabol is the numero uno oral bulking anabolic, with the added bonus of being so cheap to produce it is rarely ever faked.

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