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What are the benefits of taking Dianabol in pill form?

Dianabol, or ‘D-bol’, comes in both pill form (oral) and an injectable version. Although the latter is now extremely rare (it was mainly used in the early to mid nineties), it can still be found for sale and does have its benefits over the tablet version of methandrostenolone. It is, however, extremely rare and is a product only a very small amount of underground labs actually produce, so unless you can be 100% certain that your source is legitimate, I would stick to taking Dianabol in its original oral form.

Dbol pills offer the user many benefits both in terms of body/muscle mass and strength gains. Why is this? Firstly, it has a profound effect on nitrogen retention within the body, which in turns ramps up protein synthesis within the muscle. This leads to a greater protein turnover, meaning muscle will recover faster and stronger, which is something all gym goers and bodybuilders desire (i.e. bigger and stronger muscles). Glycogenolysis is also increased beyond normal levels, resulting in more glycogen being forced into the muscle cell, which in turn increases muscle power and endurance – again something that is highly beneficial when working out and trying to increase body and muscle mass, along with strength.

‘D-bol’ has also been shown to increase growth hormone by as much as 40%, something which can only have positive effects on physique and performance.  As with all steroids, red blood cell count will rise, meaning more oxygenate blood will be present in the muscle, which will lead to enhanced muscular endurance. As you can see, Dianabol has many positive effects and those looking to boost their performance and musculature can do far worse than choose D-bol as there anabolic of choice. However, with all good things come bad things and anabolic steroids are no different. It is vital to know the negative effects before taking a compound in pill form so you are fully aware and prepared to counteract them should they manifest themselves.

The downside of Dbol pills

As mentioned above red blood cell count will increase and although that has positive effects, it brings with it negative effects too. Having too a high red blood cell count means your blood becomes more viscous (thicker), meaning the heart will have to work harder to pump blood around the body, which is not something you want. It is vital to have blood work done regularly to examine your RBC count, and if you find it is too high then either donate blood or use a blood letting service.

Being an androgen, Dianabol will have a negative impact upon cholesterol, usually decreasing the good cholesterol HDL and increasing the bad cholesterol LDL. Although this will vary from person to person, it is a good idea to keep an eye on this. These lipid markers will usually return to baseline post-cycle, but adding in extra omega 3 will help. In addition, its androgenicity will cause the usual steroid related side effects such as acne, hair loss (if prone to Male Pattern Baldness) and hair growth on the face/body. Shutdown will occur after on a few days of taking D-bol, so post-cycle therapy is absolutely imperative (as it is after any steroid cycle regardless of cycle dosage(s) and length). The dbol pill form, due to it methylation, may cause an increase in liver health markers, so a healthy diet and perhaps even some liver health supplements may be advisable both on and off cycle.