D Bol For Sale

Where to find d bol for sale online

Where can you find genuine D Bol for Sale Online?

If you are searching to purchase Dianabol then you have two main choices: buying online from a website or offline from a local source – both have their advantages (the former more so than the latter) and disadvantages (the latter more so than the former). Before we examine the pros and cons of each method, let us look a little further into what Dianabol is and how it effects the body when taken either alone or as part of steroid cycle with other anabolics. If you are going to use this potent oral bulking compound then it is best that you know what you’re taking.

As you may or may not know, Methandrostenolone was first developed in the 1950’s by a man named John Ziegler. Ziegler worked for a pharmaceutical company called CIBA, and was commissioned to create a potent anabolic agent that could rival testosterone. The need for this compound was so the American athletes could compete with their Russian counterparts at various sporting events (including the most important of all: The Olympic Games), as it was touted that the Russians were doping using Testosterone – a theory that was eventually found out to be correct. Ziegler used testosterone as a base and made two alterations to it, one of which was methylation to allow it to pass through the liver without being broken down, which resulted in Dianabol being created.

How potent an anabolic and androgen is Dianabol?

If we examine Dianabol’s anabolic:androgenic ratio, we can see that it is 90-230:40-60, which, if we average it out, should mean that it is more anabolic than testosterone but less androgenic. This, in essence, is true, but it is wise not to pay too much attention to ratios when it comes to anabolic steroids as they can be massively misleading (they are merely the best rating system we have). Does this describe Dbol well? Yes, it is a very anabolic compound, that’s a fact that can’t be questioned, but is it a weak androgen? Weaker than testosterone, sure, but a weak androgen? No. It is moderately androgenic and will certainly cause virilization in women and men can expect hair loss if they are prone to it, increased bodily hair, acne, increased blood pressure and red blood cell count and negatively affected cholesterol and lipids.

As for buying Dianabol, well, it would foolish for anyone to purchase it offline as firstly you may be buying off an undercover law enforcement agent and you’ll be completely bang to rights and secondly you have no way of getting a refund if the Dbol you purchase is bunk. Buying online is always the best way to go and make sure to choose a supplier that offers payment via credit or debit card, this way you’ll have security and protection should you encounter any problems with your transactions. Be sure to avoid websites that only accept bank transfer or some form of international money transfer as payment for your Dianabol, as these cannot not be reversed (not even the bank can reverse a bank transfer!) and you will be leave yourself open to being scammed. As with anything – do your research. Always take your time and don’t rush into a purchase; just like rushing into taking any steroids, Dbol included, rushing into buying them is also a big mistake.

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