D Ball Steroid


What is ‘D Ball Steroids’?

When someone searches for the phrase ‘D ball steroids’ then they can only be wanting to find out more information on the anabolic steroid Dianabol. For some reason many people seem to call it various names, including the one mentioned above, when in reality it is known as ‘Dbol’ to most users or people in the know. The Breakfast of Champions as it is affectionately known has been around for many, many decades and remains one of the most popular anabolic steroids for all times, and will remain just as popular for the foreseeable future despite the influx of new exotic designer steroids that are created, marketed and sold every year. We will discuss why this is the case in the second half this article, but firstly let us talk a little more about Dianabol itself.

First created in the 1950’s, Dianabol was originally developed to help the USA athletic teams best the Russians (who were reported to have been doping with testosterone for many years). Once it has been formulated, it was given to the American athletes and the intended effects were very apparent – Russia’s domination of global sporting events stopped and the USA took over. It is easy to see why this happened as the increase in strength, endurance muscle mass that the USA athletes would have experienced would have been phenomenal. In addition to this, it was briefly used to help those with wasting diseases as it help to preserve body mass and muscle via increasing protein synthesis and halting catabolism (muscle breakdown) in its tracks. If it can have such a profound effect on those in a massive calorie deficit then imagine the impact it would have on a bodybuilder who is training exceptionally hard and is eating a huge calorie (particularly protein) surplus!

Why will D Ball remain so popular?

There are two reasons why D ball steroids will remain popular for many, many years to come. Firstly, it is extremely effective. It is one of the best (if not the best) best oral bulking anabolic that one can purchase. Not only does it increase muscle and mass gains, it also does incredible things to strength levels, which will in turn help you to build even bigger muscles. Sure, there are more potent orals out there such as Anadrol, Superdrol and M1T, but on the whole most users suffer far worst side effects when using any of those three than when using Dianabol, and slightly less ‘gains’ for far less side effects is the best possible scenario when it comes to steroids and building muscle.

Secondly, it is very cheap. It is the cheapest steroid to buy without a shadow of a doubt, so why would you purchase a more expensive alternative when Dianabol will do what you need it to do (help to build mass) at a much lesser cost? The price isn’t likely to every go up as the raw materials are so¬†inexpensive to produce (unless there is a huge clampdown on the manufacturers of the raw materials needed, which is highly unlikely). D ball will forever remain one of a select bunch of very cost effective steroids.

What gains will D ball produce?

Like all other bulking steroids available in pill form, it will produce rapid and significant gains. Sure, a lot will be fluid retention, and yes, some will be fat (due to the excess calories required to bulk), but it has been shown to produce lean muscle mass gains in as little as four to six weeks (one study showed a 3kg increase in lean body mass in just 6 weeks!). The key it to train hard, eat in a calorie surplus and ensure you protein levels remain high (1g per lb of bodyweight minimum). As well as mass gains, it will also help to induce more than modest strength gains and users can certainly expect to get stronger in every department on d ball.