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Are Winstrol tablets better than the injectable version?

Unsurprisingly, searches including the phrase ‘winstrol pills’ are made by hundreds of people every month on Google. Why is it unsurprising? Because ‘Winni’ is an extremely liked and used anabolic steroid – that’s what it comes down to. Many thousands of people use winstrol every single month and make fantastic gains in terms of lean muscle mass gains and dropping body fat, in addition to a good strength boost. In this article we will examine why it is so popular and how it exerts its effects to make users achieve their goals. Of course, it is not without side effects, and this something I will discuss at the end of the article, so make sure to read that bit too!

Both the oral and injectable version of Stanozolol are derived from dihydrotestosterone, meaning it is a DHT-based steroid, like Anavar, Anadrol, Masteron and proviron. It first came to provenance in 1988 (despite being first developed in the mid 1950’s), when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for it after the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. This immediately highlighted the power of ‘Winni’ – Johnson smashed the competition, which included the odds-on favourite Carl Lewis. Like most steroids, Winstrol was originally created as a medication for muscle and bone wasting diseases, as it preserved both very well even in a large calorific deficit. This translates well over too bodybuilding, and because of its structure it highly anabolic and not massively androgenic (at least not on paper). It exhibits all the positive effects you would expect to find in an anabolic steroids – Winstrol pills will vastly increase your body’s nitrogen retention, which in turn increase protein synthesis levels, which will help you to re-build muscle much more quickly and to a greater degree. In addition, it will up the levels of red blood cells (RBC) in your bloodstream, meaning more oxygen and nutrients will be delivered into your muscle, resulting in greater strength, endurance and recover. It is also purported to reduce SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) but up to 50%, meaning if you are taking other steroids with it they will be less bound and therefore more bioavailable (particularly testosterone).

What side effects come with taking Winstrol Pills?

Sadly, as with all steroids, there are negative effects and ‘Winni’ is no different, be it the it pill form or the injectable form. As you would expect, things like acne, increased body hair growth, loss of hair on the head (if you are prone to Male pattern Baldness), increased blood pressure, aggression (if you predisposed to aggressive behaviour) etc…but one very frustrating side effect that many users experience is dry and painful joints, which is due to the fact Winstrol is a DHT-based steroid and appears to have an impact of estrogen, i.e. lowering it. This will be more painful for some than others, but plenty of fish oils and MSM can really help alleviate any problems that arise in this regard. Being DHT derived, one can almost certainly expect ones HDL levels to decrease, LDL to increase and triglycerides to skyrocket. Thankfully this should resolve itself post cycle, but it can’t help adding in extra fish oils and vegetables to aid the cause.

As with all steroids, do your research! There are plenty of online resources out there including forums and encyclopedias, as well as podcasts and numerous excellent videos on youtube about Winstrol pills, its effects, how to cycle it and basically every other question you could want answered! Pubmed is also a great resource for those who want to examine the science and scientific studies behind Stanozolol.