Best Steroids Cycle for Mass & Bulking

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Which are the best steroids for bulking up and gaining mass?

To answer this question properly and to ensure the correct advice is being given out it is important that we split this bulking steroids article into two parts: 1) Beginners and novices and 2) Experienced users. Why? Because the number of compounds and dosages required will differ vastly between the former and the latter and the last thing we want is some anabolic novice consuming lots of drugs at high dosages. In addition, steroids only play a relatively small role in building muscle mass, so it is important that all aspects of your bodybuilding lifestyle and dialled in before you commence with your cycle. Calories should be around 22 times your bodyweight (e.g. 200lbs x 22 = 4400 kcal per day) and protein should be of 1.5 times your bodyweight (e.g. 200lbs x 1.5 = 300g per day). Whether you go for high carb, high fat or a mixture of both is entirely down to you and your body type, but high carb is usually recommended for bulking.

Mass gaining anabolics for a beginner

There is a lot of information on the internet about first time cycles and what should be taken, and although there is a wealth of beneficial information, there is also a lot of poor advice given. In my opinion a first time cycle should be testosterone by itself. No Dianabol or Deca, just straight testosterone in the form of a long acting estered type such as enanthate or cypionate. Why? Because it is our natural hormone and its safety is far more researched than all other steroids put together. Dosage is the key issue here. You will always see 500mg as the advised best starting dose as ‘anything lower isn’t worth shutting your natural production off for’ – I 100% disagree with 500mg as a starting dose. At 500mg conversion to estrogen will be sky high (as will reduction to DHT), blood pressure and hematocrit levels will also probably sky rocket and you’ll hold an almighty amount of water. At this dose you’ll probably need to to introduce as AI (aromatase inhibitor) and these are powerful drugs that can really mess up your cholesterol by driving your estrogen too low. Of course you will gain lots of muscle, mass and strength but it can be done in a much safer and efficient manner with a lower dose. 250mg – 350mg is all that is needed for a first-timer. This will give you testosterone levels far beyond the natural ranges, yet the estrogen related side effects will be lower. A simple 250mg-350mg per week for 12 weeks would be an excellent (and fruitful) course.

Once you have completed your first cycle (and done post cycle therapy and sufficient time off) then your second cycle is the one where you can either up the dose of testosterone or introduce other compounds. I would advise a Dianabol kickstarter for the first 4 weeks of the cycle at a dose of 25mg-35mg per day, or perhaps something a touch milder like turinabol at a dose of 50mg-60mg per day. Deca is usually an anabolic that people add into bulking cycles, but I completely advise against using it due to its horrendous effects on blood vessels (it is 11 times more damaging to them than testosterone).

Intermediate and advanced bulking cycles

This is where the whole world of anabolics opens up and the plethora of steroids that can be used becomes vast. Testosterone should always be used as a base for all steroid cycles, whether they are for bulking or cutting, but what else can be added?

Orals: Kickstarters are always very beneficial at the beginning of cycles, with compounds such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Superdrol or M1T being the most potent bulking orals on the market. However, you don’t just have to limit oral use to the first few weeks and can run them throughout (or for an extended period) so long as you lower the dose and use liver protecting supplements. Turinabol is a great choice for this as it is less liver toxic but still a fairly powerful drug in itself.

Injectables: The main three injectables you see used in multi-compound cycles are Trenbolone, Masteron and Equipoise. An extremely popular steroid combination is ‘TMT’, which is testosterone, trenbolone and masteron combined in one vial (usual dose if 500mg/ml with 300mg of test and 100mg each of tren and mast). This is an extremely powerful concoction and will provide extreme mass gains for sure – bulking will be very easy whilst taking it! Equipoise is more a ‘slow bulker’ and needs to be taken for a minimum of 10 weeks at at least 400mg per week, but it can help with increasing appetite as well as increasing mass by itself. The only thing you must keep an eye on is your red blood cell count as on EQ it can go through the roof, which is detrimental to cardiac health.