Choosing the best Anavar cycle for you

When it comes to choosing your anavar cycle there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Before we get into that I am sure many people will be reading the title of this anavar article and be thinking, ‘is there a best way to take it? Surely by doing a cycle we’ve already chosen it?!’, and while that may be true in a literal sense, when I talk about selecting the best course I mean in relation to you and your specific individual goals. This alone raises many questions: What cycle length? What dosage? Should I stack it with other steroids? And these questions go back to the very first sentence of this paragraph about there being many things that must be examined and thought about before you commence with your cycle.

The first thing to think about is, ‘what my your goal?’. I would assume that most people taking Anavar for cutting/losing body fat whist building a small amount of lean muscle mass, however some may be using it as a ‘kick-starter’ to a bulking cycle or using it with other pro-strength drugs to maximise their strength and power. The answer to this question , in combination with your anabolic steroids experience, will help to you to determine what length and dosage is best for you. As a general rule of thumb, if taken alone, the cycle length should be between 6 and 8 weeks long, with dosages ranging from 20mg per day all the way up to 100mg per day. If utilised with other steroids (we will go into further detail about this below), then the dose must be reduced.

What options are there when stacking Anavar?

If you goal is to build lean muscle mass whilst simultaneously reducing your body fat, then incorporating other anabolics in conjunction with your anavar is the way forward. You do, however, have to be careful about which anabolics you choose and what doses you run them at.  The most common steroids used for cutting are injectable testosterone (usually the propionate ester as it is in and out of the bloodstream quicker) along with winstrol, although trenbolone and masteron could also be used. Which anabolic or combination of anabolics you decide to use will come down to your personal choice. If you want to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible whilst dropping body fat then taking testosterone alongside your anavar is a must. Doses anywhere from 50mg EOD (every other day) up to 200mg EOD are common, but you must decide which is best for your cycle depending on your steroid experience. Winstrol is another great cutting compound, and although some will frown at taking two orals together, both Oxandrolone and Stanozolol aren’t massively liver toxic, so provided you don’t go crazy with the doses and cycle length then you should be fine (always get blood work done!).

If you are wanting to do a cycle purely for strength gains then you may wish to consider: testosterone and trenbolone (injectables) and dianabol, anadrol and halotestin (orals). These five are well know as the best strength-inducing steroids readily available on the black market. Strength cycles are usually shorter than bulking or cutting cycles as they are most often done pre-competition (powerlifting or strong man for example) and CNS burnout could be an issue if you train solely for strength (i.e. 1-rep maxes and no more than 3 reps per set).

If you were looking to all out bulk then I wouldn’t advise using anavar as a ‘kick-starter’ as you;d be better off using a more powerful bulking oral such as dianabol or anadrol. However, if you have it at your disposal and want tot use it then 60-80mg per day for the first four weeks of an injectable testosterone cycle would work nicely as it’ll give you a good strength boost before the testosterone reaches peak and consistent levels in your bloodstream.

Can women use Anavar safely?

This is a question that is asked literally thousands of times every month, and it is not surprising as a) there are lots of women who want to use steroids but (obviously) want the ‘safest’ option and b) because they have been told an anavar cycle is the best way forward.

Let me begin by saying that not using steroids is the safest approach, whether you are male or female. The same health implication apply to both sexes, BUT women have to contend with the risk of virilization, i.e. manifestation of male characteristics (deeper voice, body and facial hair growth, hair loss in the head etc…). Many will suggest that anavar is not androgenic enough to cause these effects (or that it will take too large a dose for this to happen), but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any dose of any androgen could cause these effects, and don’t forget, Anavar is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is the most potent natural androgen by some distance. Do not be fooled by Oxandrolone’s low androgenic rating – it is still androgenic and has females have ‘fresh’ receptors they will be super-sensitive to the effects of any steroid.

However, if you are female and you are insistent on taking anavar then please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Take it alone – do not combine it with any other anabolics. Other PED’s such as clenbuterol and HGH could be incorporated if required.
  • Do not take anymore than 20mg per day and start off with 10mg for the first few weeks to assess your tolerance to it.
  • Do not take it for anymore than 6 weeks – taking it for prolonged periods will increase the chances of virilization.

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