Which Payment Method?

which payment method to use when buying steroids

Choosing the safest payment method

When it comes to buying online there are variety of payment methods that are available for the customer to use. Deciding which to select can be hard as each method has both its positives and its negatives and unfortunately for the consumer there is no 100% safe payment type. The best thing that you can do is weigh up the pros and cons of each method and decide which is safest choice for you and your situation. Below are the main choices and the good and bad points of each one; hopefully this will provide at least a moderate amount of help in choosing which one is best for you when it comes to steroids.

Paying by bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is one of the most popular methods used by website that sell steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Why is this? Well, firstly, (from the perspective of the website) it provides them with security. You may think that you having their account name, sort code and account number holds a lot of gravity but in reality it doesn’t and if something goes wrong it isn’t a simple and a straightforward path to getting your money back or pursuing those who have taken it. Remember, once a bank transfer has been made by you it cannot be reversed, not even by the bank – only the person receiving the money can reverse it and even then they must manually send the money back. As you can see, this is beneficial to the business but not to you the consumer. On the flip-side of this, as most sites do accept bank transfer (providing you are willing to use it) then you won’t ever be short of potential suppliers. In addition to this, having bank information about a seller (should anything go wrong) is extremely helpful and can help in tracking them down should the law get involved. Sadly, however, most suppliers will change their bank account details every few months to avoid prolonged detection and will often use fake names to do this. They will also ask you to not mention any order details (name, order number etc…) in the payment reference, so they can flat out deny any payment made to them from you was for steroids or any other illicit drugs. If you are going to use this method then ensure that is it kept to domestic transactions as international bank transfer can be costly and are far harder to track.

Paying by International Money Transfer

This is another favourite of online suppliers. Why? Because just like bank transfer, only the recipient can reverse any payments made. However, this is actually less traceable as firstly you have no idea if the name you’re given is real and secondly this option is mainly used for international transactions so tracking that person down would be extremely difficult even if it became a legal issue. The main two options for this type of payment are MoneyGram and Western Union – both work in the same way, although Western Union is a little easier to use from my experience. In addition, there can sometimes be delays with payments being available and you are at the mercy of the recipient picking the payment up, which could take time and slow down the whole process. The upside of using money transfer is that you can make the payment in several different ways, either by cash at your local agent, bank transfer online or even credit or debit card online. Personally I would avoid using this at all costs and use it as a last resort due to the risks involved. Just like wire transfer it is not anonymous, regardless of what your supplier might say – no online payments are ever 100% anonymous.

Paying by Credit or Debit card

Whenever paying using your card is mentioned in the same sentence as anabolic steroids there is usually a lot of advise to avoid it all costs. Why? For the simple reason that is provides you, the customer, with a lot more protection. Sure it is less anonymous that the above ways of paying, but I will go out on a limb here and say that if you can find a website that allows card payments (and are of course 100% legitimate) then use them.