Searching for ‘Dianabol for Sale’? You’ve landed on the right page! Whenever Dianabol is discussed the initial thing that comes to mind is the renowned phrase, ‘the Breakfast of Champions’. Those looking for Dianabol, whether they have used it before or not, must be aware of the potency that this powerful bulking oral compound possesses – it is an extremely serious anabolic with many potent effects. Before we examine these effects, let us look at a historical and scientific background of ‘Dbol’.

Historical & Scientific Background of Dianabol

Do you know why and when Dianabol was first created? Of course, there is no ‘test’ before you buy it, but it is quite interesting to know the background of the compound before you begin consuming it. It was originally designed and manufactured in the 1960’s by an American pharmaceutical company called as CIBA. For what reason? At that time Russian athletes were dominating all sporting events (including the Olympics, which bothered the Americans immensely!) and it was widely thought that all Russian athletes were taking testosterone to boost their performance to enable them to best all other teams. CIBA therefore took it upon themselves to create an anabolic steroid that was more potent than testosterone, that the American athletes team could take to enable them to beat the Russians – and guess what, they did! So it is thanks to CIBA that Dianabol is for sale on today’s (black) market.

How was Dianabol formulated? Beginning with a testosterone base they made numerous alterations (over many months of research) to its chemical formula eventually deciding that only two changes would result in the hugely potent anabolic they set out to create. Firstly, knowing that testosterone converted into estrogen, they implemented a double-carbon bond, which decreased the rate at which it would aromatise. After that, they methylated it, which meant it was able to pass through the body without being broken down into inactive substrates. Although the double-carbon bond did decrease Dbol’s aromatisation rate, it had to unfortunate result of creating an even more potent form of estrogen known as methyl-estrodial, which we will be discussed later on in this article. If you are wanting to buy Dianabol then this is certainly something that you must be aware of. Saying that, CIBA had created what they set out to make and that was a potent oral anabolic, with respect to both muscle mass and strength gains (and as mentioned above, it allowed the USA to prosper!).

If we examine Dianabol’s chemical structure in depth (especially its anabolic:androgenic ratings) then we can see something very intriguing – compared to testosterone (which has a ratio of 100:100), Dbol has an anabolic rating of between 90-210 and an androgenic rating of between 40-60, which, on paper, should mean (if we take the mean of the scores) be a more powerful muscle builder than test and less androgenic at the same time. Despite the reality that the science behind the aforementioned ratios is flawed (and not the best indicator of potency), it is the best we have so it is fairly important to take heed of this. If you are searching ‘dianabol for sale’ then you are probably wanting to know about the real world effects of it, i.e is it a more powerful muscle builder than testosterone, with fewer androgenic-based side effects (due to its lower androgenic rating)?

Positive Effects & Gains on Dianabol 

Two words that immediately spring to mind when Dianabol is mentioned are, ‘bulk’ and ‘wet’ – and for obvious reasons! Dbol is a superb bulking oral steroid, in fact, it is one of the best bulking anabolics period, but it also extremely wet, meaning fluid retention (and a lots of it) are almost a given on cycle (the causes of this will be discussed later on). Obviously it will vary from individual to individual, but on the whole most will experience significant intracellular water retention. However, this can be controlled if you know what you are doing…we will explain all further on in this article, so keep reading!

Now to bit you have all been waiting for…’what gains are possible from a Dianabol cycle?’. Sadly, there is no definitive answer to this as there are so many variables (and I mean a lot), so the answer is a very subjective one. However, thanks to the sheer number of people who have taken Dianabol and also scientific evidence, we can at least attempt to the answer the question and give a ball park figure. Of course, the type of cycle will very much impact the final results, as a standalone Dbol cycle will yield less ‘gains’ than a Dbol kickstart at the beginning of a longer testosterone-based cycle; for now we will deal with the former. To make a judgement on this let us assume that your diet, training and rest is as good as it can be.

Science tells us that you will make gains on Dianabol. To avoid making this too long-winded and confusing I shall refer to one study, but there are numerous studies on Pubmed if you search for them. The study I would like to focus on was completed in the mid 1980’s for a duration of six weeks. The gains? An average of 3.5kg of lean body mass. Yes, this is a substantial amount, but what was noted was the high levels of intracellular sodium and potassium  levels, which explains why fluid retention is so great when taking dianabol. Regardless of that, 3.5kg in six weeks is impressive and you can expect that total body mass increased was greater than that, probably around double. If you searching for Dianabol for sale then the above will be like music to yours ears!

In terms of my own personal experience with Dianabol, I have completed a Dbol only cycle (many, many moons ago) and I packed on some serious overall body mass – somewhere in the region of 20lbs. After I had completed my post cycle therapy I ended up with around 7lbs of muscle, which I felt was a very good amount of lean mass to gain. As for the cycle length and dosage – 35mg per day for six weeks, although this isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means, as you could take anywhere from 20mg to 70mg per day depending on your goals, current physique and health levels. I am not alone is gaining well off Dianabol, all it takes is a Google search and you will see thousands of threads in many bodybuilding forums detailing people’s experience(s) with this compound. This does raise the question: ‘Why is Dianabol such a potent oral bulking steroid?’


How does Dianabol increase Strength & Mass & Keeping Gains

Although it may come as a surprise to many, Dianabol, like its (fractionally) stronger brother Anadrol, does not bind well to the androgen receptor, which means it must initiate its effects through other pathways. I have to admit when I first discovered this I was quite shocked as I assumed that to exhibit such potency and induce such rapid gains that it must interact with the AR to at least moderate degree. How does it do it then? Well, in the study mentioned above it was discovered that Dbol increased Growth Hormone levels by a fraction over 40%, which (statistically) is a huge increase from baseline levels. A dramatic increase in GH will result in an increase in IGF-1, which is the analog of Growth Hormone that cause growth. In addition, Dianabol will also skyrocket nitrogen retention, resulting in protein synthesis levels being vastly enhanced, therefore muscle will be re-built stronger, bigger and at a faster rate. Red Blood Cell count will no doubt increase also, meaning more oxygen will find its way to your muscle, resulting it greater endurance and strength, which will in turn boost hypertrophy.

One area we haven’t ventured into yet is strength gain on Dianabol. I know most people looking to buy Dbol will only be concerned with mass gains, it is important to remember that you can’t get bigger without getting stronger (as long as your diet and rest is in check), so the stronger you get the bigger you will also get! Dianabol will have a profound impact upon strength levels. Yes, just like mass gains, the amount of strength increases someone will experience will vary, but your strength will skyrocket! From a personal standpoint, I added 10% to all of the major four lifts (bench, squat, deadlift and military press) in a few weeks, which may not sound a lot but it is far greater than you would progress naturally; plus, I found my strength gains stayed post cycle, which was nice. I have seen some people add as much as 25% to their lifts whilst using Dbol, but I suspect they were either not pushing themselves before taking this compound or they were a ‘super-responder’ to it. In short, Dbol will help you to smash PB’s out of the park!



All these gains, both in terms of mass, muscle and strength will sound enticing to potential Dianabol users, but before you buy Dianabol you must know how to keep your gains once your cycle has finished as without this knowledge you will have wasted your hard earned money. Firstly, Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is an absolute must; I know some old schoolers will say that they don’t do a PCT or that you shouldn’t, but trust me, to keep your gains and your health you need to do one. For my Advanced PCT, which has helped me recover from numerous cycle click here. Secondly, keep your calories high – now is not the time to ‘cut’ or try and lose body fat, it is time to consolidate your gains. It always amazes me how people do a bulking cycle then cut during PCT – how stupid can you get?! Calories and protein must remain high, higher possibly than on cycle and even if you add a little bit of fat, who cares, you’ll kept your hard earned muscle. Thirdly, reduce you training intensity slightly – you can’t train with the same intensity on Dianabol as you can off Dianabol, so reduce it by around 10%. You can even change training types – I know some who go to high volume during post cycle after taking Dianabol as it works for them, but trial and error is the key here and finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. Fourthly, rest! Rest is key both on and off cycle, but now you’re not ‘enhanced’ you will need that extra little bit of rest to recover properly. Try and get a nap in during the day or an extra hours sleep at night.

Keeping the Dianabol bloat down both on and off cycle can be tough, but by ensuring that you drink a lot of water (25% more than you usually would), lower your salt/sodium intake (e.g. don’t add extra salt to your food), eat plenty of fresh or frozen vegetables (spinach, kale and broccoli are excellent for this purpose) and if you have an extra bit of cash then buying dandelion root can help to flush out excess water also. Reducing carbs and replacing them with protein can help if you are really struggling on Dianabol. Arimidex is always a last resort (it reduces estrogen levels, thus reducing water retention as high estrogen levels can cause fluid retention).

The Side Effects of Dianabol & How to Stack

Now for the bit you probably all don’t want to read…but all you considering whether to buy dianabol or not must read it. Seriously. Never take anything without being fully aware of the side effects of dianabol both positive and negative, then you can be adequately prepared for them. The ‘evil’ form of estrogen mentioned above, methyl-estradiol, can be hard to control as it is very potent, however having nolvadex on hand for any gyno issues is always advised. The combination of methyl-estradiol and estrogen (albeit at a lower conversion rate than testosterone) can cause problems, so make sure you are prepared. Dianabol will also raise blood pressure and heart rate, so buy yourself a BP monitor and take it every other day to keep an eye on it. As mentioned above Dianabol will also increase red blood cell count, which although has positive effects can also have negative effects too, i.e. hematocrit levels being too high meaning your blood is more viscous so your heart has to work harder to pump around the body. HDL levels will more likely than not be reduced and LDL levels increased, but this will usually rectify itself post cycle (your body will do it naturally, but PCT meds such as Nolvadex can help to increase HDL levels). Hair growth on the body, hair loss (on the head) to those predisposed to male patter baldness and also acne are also common with Dianabol, so be prepared for these before you buy.

Although I only focussed on a ‘Dbol’ only cycle above, some who want to buy dianabol will be looking to use it in conjunction with other anabolic steroids. The most common use is at the start of a longer injectable cycle, with some form of long acting testosterone ester (Cypionate or Enanthate for example). Total cycle length would be 10-14 weeks, with injections once or twice weekly at doses starting at 250mg (per week) and anywhere between 20mg – 60mg of ‘Dbol’ for the first four weeks. Why? Even though long testosterone esters will enter the bloodstream (and peak) within the first 24 to 48 hours, it takes around four weeks for levels to build up so that they are at supra-physiological at all times, rather than there being peaks and troughs, so by using an oral at the start (Anadrol could also be used) then you can utilise this until the test fully kicks in.

This isn’t the only way to use Dianabol as part of a stack though as it could most certainly be used as part of a six week cycle in conjunction with testosterone propionate (fast acting ester), at doses of 20mg-40mg per day and 250-500mg per week respectively. One thing I must add is that don’t rule out combining orals – many will advise against this, but a Dianabol and Anadrol cycle can be very effective over four to six weeks so long as you reduce the dosages of both. Winstrol, Anavar and Proviron could also be used by those who buy dianabol (depending on their goals).