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Looking to Buy Anavar Online? You’ve come to the right website. Anavar, ‘Var’ or Oxandrolone if we’re being scientific, is one of the most popular oral steroids in the history of anabolics. Those looking to buy it will probably be aware it is mild and easy on the body, yet produces lean (although not spectacular) muscle gains, with very few side-effects. Whilst the former is true, the latter, to a degree, is not, and this is something that I will discuss in length later in this article as it feel it is important that correct information is distributed and that potential and current users are aware of everything they possibly can be; suffice to say it is a misnomer that Anavar is side-effect free and won’t cause problems. One thing I can attest to though is its epic strength-inducing abilities – on a par with strong bulking orals such as Dianabol and Anadrol. Anyway, I digress – let us begin the journey into the world of Var…

Anavar: A History & Chemistry Lesson

Anavar, like several other steroids, was first synthesised back in the 1960’s (1965 to be precise); for its creation we have a pharmaceutical company by the name of Searle Laboratories to thank. Again, like other anabolics, it was developed for medical uses, particularly for use on those with wasting diseases. Why was it used for this purpose? Those who want to buy Anavar (and will probably already have done at least some research on this compound) will know the answer to this: it induces lean muscle gains and strength, with virtually zero water retention (unlike Anadrol, another anabolic designed for this function), therefore it is absolutely ideal for those suffering from a form of wasting disease, HIV/AIDS for example. Other applications for Anavar were increasing bone density and promoting growth in children who were stunted.

A study conducted on burns victims who were given Anavar to aid their recovery exemplified just how it excelled at doing the job it was created for. Patients who received and took Anavar (as oppose to a placebo) burns regenerated at a faster rate, experienced enhanced body composition, retained their existing muscle mass (they actually had zero% muscle wastage compared to the placebo group), all of which resulted in them spending less time in hospital and recovering quicker. If you want to buy Anavar then you can see from this study alone it is very easy to why Anavar became so popular with athletes, bodybuilders and gym goers alike – it induced the two things they want to achieve – lean muscle mass accrual and strength increases.

It was from its early use that the ‘myth’ that Anavar is completely safe and side-effect free came into existence. Why? Because it was used (successfully) on children, therefore people assume that is an anabolic steroid is used on children then it must completely safe, forgetting that they also trialled Anadrol on children and ‘Drol’ is a far, far more potent compound both in terms of positive and negative effects.

Like its cousins Anadrol, Winstrol and Proviron, Anavar is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroids. As you would expect it has been chemically altered to modify it from pure DHT to Oxandrolone, of which there are two: firstly, it has a methyl group added at the 17th position, which results in it becoming ‘methylated’, meaning it cannot be broken down by the liver and rendered inactive; secondly, an oxygen atom has been added in the ‘A-ring’ to replace the carbon atom already present – this not only helps with the aforementioned methylation, but also vastly enhances it anabolic potency and reduces the androgenicity. Also, being that it is created from DHT, means it will not aromatise to estrogen.

Just like any other steroid, people looking to buy Anavar will always seek out its anabolic:androgenic ratio to see if that gives any clues as to what they can expect. Sadly, these ratios do not really work like that, but they can help to understand the compound a little better, which is always import. On the face of it, Anavar’s 320-620 anabolic rating make it seem to be an ultra-potent, highly anabolic muscle builder that wipes the floor with testosterone (and its anabolic rating of 100) – but is Var really three to six times more powerful than testosterone? Of course not, which is why the ratios are misleading. We can also see that it has androgenic rating of 24, which would lead you to think it is not androgenic at all, but in fact, being derived from DHT it will carry some androgenic potential and can of course induce androgenic side-effects, particularly in females.

Anavar: Effects, Gains & Results

Despite its huge anabolic rating, Anavar is certainly not a bulking compound, with cutting being its primary application; that is not to say it couldn’t used to bulk on, particularly in conjunction with other anabolic steroids (being DHT-derived it can help to reduce SHBG, resulting in other hormones in the system being more bioavailable) but it just wouldn’t be the best possible ‘tool for the job’. The fact it doesn’t aromatise results in very little water retention (high or higher than normal levels of estrogen cause water retention in most instances), and therefore pretty muscle all weight gained on Anavar will be quality, lean muscle mass. For those seeking to buy oral bulking and ‘mass’ steroids, then looking towards Dianabol and Anadrol is a better start. The only time I would deviate from giving this advice is if it was to be directed to a woman wanting to buy anabolics, as Var can be used by females for bulking, due to its low androgenic profile and the sensitivity of the female body to anabolic/androgenic hormones.

Cutting is where Anavar comes to the fore and shows it’s ‘wares’ to potential users wanting to buy an oral cutting anabolic. It has often been touted as a ‘fat loss steroid’ and although I detest phrases like this as diet and exercise regime will always determine the amount and rate of fat loss, a study conducted on Anavar did actually show a decrease of abdominal trunk fat at a dosage of just 20mg per day! Despite the fact that no muscle was built (in this study), those who train correctly and whose diets are ‘dialled in’ can certainly expect to add a few lbs of lean muscle mass whilst dropping body fat when taking Var. Remember, it was originally used in medical circles to preserve lean body and muscle mass! On top of the direct impact upon body fat, Anavar will also increase the metabolic rate, thus promoting further decreases in body fat provided these are harnessed correctly. It is easy to why someone would want to buy Anavar!

Another area where Anavar excels greatly (perhaps its greatest attribute) is strength – I will go as far to say, ‘buy this steroid if you are looking for strength increases with very few side effects’, why? Because most other ‘strength’ anabolics are far more potent and come with more serious side effects. Why it affects strength to the degree it does is not clear, however I would assume that it is because it has been created from Dihydrotestosterone, which is more potent androgen than testosterone and has a greater impact upon the Central Nervous System (CNS), and therefore binds to toe Androgen Receptor very strongly.

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My own experience of Anavar comes in the form of a Var only cycle I completed around 4 years ago. It actually took me several weeks to decide upon the dose and cycle length as there was a lot of conflicting information on the internet and the source I was to buy it from had a completely different take on it altogether; it must have been about a month after I purchased Anavar that I actually started the cycle! I eventually went for a dose of 60mg per day for six weeks, but in reality a dose of 20mg up to 100mg for anywhere from four to eight weeks would be acceptable. My gains? In terms of muscle, I added 4lbs of lean tissue and dropped a little bit of body fat (although I didn’t measure it, I certainly looked leaner, so I would say perhaps two or three percent). My aim for the cycle was a ‘recomp’, so I consumed maintenance calories on 40:30:30 protein/carbohydrate/fat split. As for strength gains, well, this is why I said that in this context it was as powerful as Dianabol or Anadrol because it induced super strength gains for me – and I wasn’t even in a calorie surplus or bulking. All of my big four lifts (bench, squat, deadlift and military press) went up by over 10% –  that is impressive for what is meant to be a ‘mild’ steroid.

Anavar: How does it Build Muscle, Burn Fat & Increase Strength?

If we examine the intricacies of Anavar and the way in which is exerts itself within the body to produce the results it is know for, we can see some things we would expect and also some things we wouldn’t. First of all, as with all anabolic/androgenic steroids, Var will increase nitrogen within the muscle, thus leading to the greater protein synthesis, resulting in the muscle themselves being built up stronger and quicker when broken down, i.e. anabolism. As you may or may not have deduced, this is the reason it halted muscle breakdown (catabolism) in patients with wasting diseases. An increase in red blood cell count is also something synonymous with steroid use and Anavar is no different. Increased RBC results in more oxygen being delivered to the muscle, which will boost endurance and strength, which may help to build muscle indirectly.

The way in which Anavar affects body fat is rather unique (and I suspect the major reason that people buy anavar is for this quality primarily) – the suppression of glucocorticoid hormones. What are they? In short, they are muscle wasting hormones (you have probably heard of the most common one – cortisol). Not only does this group of hormones induce catabolism, they also promote body fat gain, therefore by using Anavar you will inhibit their activity, thus promoting zero fat gain and possibly even reducing it. Combine this with the fact that Anavar will also increase the metabolic rate of the body, which may help to burn fat, AND the fact that it has been shown to directly stimulate lipolysis, makes for a powerful triumvirate of fat-burning qualities. In short, Anavar is probably the only true fat-burning steroid.

Regarding its strength-boosting properties, Anavar binds very strongly to the Androgen Receptor, and being a DHT-derived steroid means it will have a significant impact upon the central nervous system, priming it for strength increases.

Anavar: Side Effects & Stacking

Many of you keen to buy anavar may have scrolled-down directly to this section after the comments in my opening paragraph. This is understandable as most think Var is extremely mild, with no major side effects from its use. Although I do class Anavar as ‘mild’ when compared to such anabolic behemoths as Trenbolone, Cheque Drops and M1T (amongst others), it does have some serious side-effects; luckily, however, they can be reversed.

The main reason for the opening remark regarding side-effects, is Anavar’s impact upon cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides – in short, it is severe. I have seen several sets of blood results that not only show the rapid negative impact Var has upon these markers (within two weeks), but also that it doesn’t take a high dosage to induce such huge changes. What kind of results am I referring to when I say ‘huge’ changes?

On-cycle results: Cholesterol – 7. Triglycerides – 5. HDL – 0.34

Several weeks post-cycle: Cholesterol – 3. Triglycerides – 0.58. HDL – 0.92

Yes, you read it correctly, Cholesterol more than doubled, triglycerides increased nearly ten-fold and HDL was nearly a third of its value. These results are staggering and exemplify just how unhealthy taking anavar can be – remember it is the hidden side-effects that are the worst; the ones you don’t see. Luckily, these can be reversed post-cycle and with a healthy diet (plenty of omega-3 and vegetables) they can be addressed without a problem, but please take note!

Other side-effects from Anavar use are as you would expect: (potentially) acne, hair growth on the body and hair loss on the head (if MPB prone). One thing must be mentioned is the effect on liver enzymes, which is extremely small  – one study showed no increase in liver markers whatsoever, although this was at a dose of 20mg, so those taking more must be take precautions.Due to the increased RBC, some users may experience an increase in blood pressure and hematocrit so these are certainly things that needs to be kept an eye on.

As for stacking with Anavar, it will entirely depend upon the nature of your cycle and/or goals. It is commonly stacked with Winstrol for an oral only cutting cycle (remember to reduce the dose of each if doing this), with the addition of Clenbuterol if extra weight/fat needs to be shifted. For those keen on strength only increases then a short cycle along side Halotestin could be very effective (no more than four weeks due to Halo’s potency). Despite the fact Anavar isn’t the best oral bulking steroids, it can actually be used at the start of a longer injectable-based cycle, with long-acting testosterone for example, for those that like Var or want to try something totally different to the usual kickstarter of either Dianabol or Anadrol. In addition, a popular cycle at the moment is to run testosterone propionate and Var for six weeks together, either as a lean bulk, a recomp or a cut and it seems to be getting positive feedback (so long as your training, diet and rest are nailed on of course!). So there you have it – an in depth for those seeking to buy anavar.