Oral Steroids

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So, you’re looking to buy oral steroids online? Look no further. Before you make a purchase however, it is imperative that you do plenty of research into all the available orals that are available on the market. This article will detail all the common compounds (and not so common for those looking for ‘exotic’ anabolics) to help to you choose which steroid(s) is best for you, your physique and most importantly, your goals. Many will think you will simply need to choose whether you are ‘bulking’, ‘cutting’, looking to ‘recomp’ or gain strength , and although that is obviously key, you must also consider your entire cycle and whether you will be stacking or doing a standalone course.

Bulking Orals

Although any oral steroid could be used for bulking (so long as sufficient calories and protein were consumed and especially if stacked with other orals or injectables), some are more potent and effective at inducing the explosive mass gains one desires when looking to add mass with an anabolic cycle. The first two that spring to mind are Anadrol and Dianabol – these two are by the most popular (and well known by those wanting to buy oral steroids), but Turinabol, Superdrol and M1T  can also be considered and utilised to full effect.

Why are the aforementioned orals such good bulking choices? Firstly, they all are highly anabolic and highly androgenic (regardless of what the A:A ratio’s say); this means: some degree of intracellular water retention (increased body mass and also aids strength), massively enhanced nitrogen retention (resulting in a vastly upsurge in protein synthesis, which in turn means muscle fibres will be repaired quicker and stronger), a larger red blood cell count (more oxygen will reach your muscles, resulting in better endurance, as well as improved nutrient flow), increased aggression and massive strength enhancement – and I do mean massive! Combine all of this together and what have you got? Muscle and overall body mass gains along with huge strength increases – exactly what bulking is all about. But what dosages should these orals anabolics be taken in and how much do you need to buy? (The below examples are for standalone cycles).

Anadrol: 25mg – 150mg for three to six weeks (lower dose for longer durations).

Dianabol: 20mg – 60mg for four to six weeks.

Turinabol: 50mg – 100mg for four to eight weeks.

Superdrol: 10mg – 30mg for three to four weeks.

M1T: 5mg – 20mg for three to four weeks.

One question that seems to crop up a lot is, ‘Can orals be stacked?’. In short, yes, they can, but it is a little bit more complicated than that and no-one should dive straight in and start inhaling their orals anabolics like there is no tomorrow! The first thing you must know is that you need to reduce the dosages of both compounds. Why? To protect your liver. The stronger the steroid (in terms of anabolic and androgenic effects), the more impact it will have on your liver. In terms of what orals to stack (out of the ones mentioned above), I would only stack two of Anadrol, Dianabol and Turinabol – Superdrol and M1T are the most liver toxic (they are very harsh) and should not be cycled with anything but injectables. As stated, the dose must be lowered, so stacking 40mg of turinabol with either 50mg or Anadrol or 25mg of Dianabol would be acceptable; and if stacking ‘drol’ and ‘dbol’ together, 50mg and 20mg would certainly be a very potent combination.

The above paragraph may get me shot down (as many preach that orals should never be stacked under any circumstances), but the liver ‘damage’ is largely overstated due to the fact that the dose and duration in medical studies is usually a lot higher than those taken in steroid cycles. This is not to say you can abuse your liver of course, it just means you can stack orals (sensibly) with little cause for concern – so long as you get regular blood-work done.

Cutting Orals

Whenever someone wants to use an oral steroid to ‘cut’, the first two that are mentioned are always Anavar and Winstrol. Why? Firstly, they are both effective for the purpose; secondly, because they are the most readily available to buy online.