Buy Steroids Online

Buy Steroids Online

Steroids: Safe to Buy?

This an age-old question and probably the most asked question when it comes anything anabolic steroid related. This isn’t surprising seeming as once you’ve done research on your proposed cycle the next step is to take the jump and purchase the chosen compound(s). You would think that the answer to the aforementioned question is a simple one, i.e. ‘you can buy them online or from a local source. The end’, but in reality it is far more complex than that. If you a) want to purchase legitimate products and b) not get into trouble with the law for doing so (this will of course depend on your location – some countries are stricter than others and I will cover this later on in this article). Please note, if you are struggling to decide upon which steroid(s) or steroid cycle is best for you then check out our Steroid Articles section as this has numerous articles that cover everything from beginner cycles, bulking and mass, cutting, oral only etc… – we advise you to do plenty of research before commencing with your journey to the ‘dark side’. Anyway, back to the topic in hand…as mentioned, there are several different factors that need to addressed so I will do so in turn.

Where to buy steroids? In essence there are two choices – you either buy online or you buy from a local source. Straight off the bat, I am going to say that purchasing online using a credit debit card is the safest way to buy anabolics. Why? Because you can do plenty of research into the website(s) you are considering buying from and paying by card (see here for our article on buying with your credit or debit card) gives you a lot of protection, i.e. you can do a chargeback if you do not receive your goods or the products are not authentic. Luckily for users there are several very large steroid review sites that allow you to not only see reviews, but also leave them yourself.

A lot of advice online via websites or forums will instruct you to purchase steroids from a ‘local source’, but unless you know the person very well (and can also verify that the products they are offering you are legitimate) then it is fraught with dangers. No refunds, no comebacks etc…and you can’t exactly go to the police can you? My advice is to avoid buying directly from a person unless you know and trust them 100%. Something else to consider is the fact that the cost of testing steroids to find out what compound(s) is in there is very, very expensive and out of the means of many users, so you really are at the mercy of your supplier.

Steroid Laws across the Globe

Your location is also a main factor, as different countries have different laws, rules and regulations regarding the buying, selling and possession of anabolic steroids. Those from UK find themselves far luckier than those from the USA, Canada and Australia, as the latter three countries have extremely strict laws on not only the supply of steroids but also owning them too. Those users in the UK can legally own steroids without ay problems (although buying and selling is of course illegal), whereas those in North America and Australia cannot even own steroids as it is illegal. If you are from the UK then you will be able to import steroids without a hitch 99% of the time, whereas those outside of Britain should stick to domestic sources only. A popular method for those in the USA is doing it via Mexico as you can buy steroids legally there. It is only a short trip across (for some) and obviously a land border is far easier to get illegal substances through as there are no customs or thorough checks – you can simply pack them in your bag and 99% of the time you will have no issues with it. If you are travelling abroad to places like Turkey, Egypt and Thailand then you can legally purchase anabolics there too, so this may be another option if you happen to be on holiday there. You can legally bring them back into the UK for personal use, but you can get away with bringing in a few cycles worth as they never really check and aren’t clued up enough to challenge you, so long as you don’t claim you take 5mg of testosterone and 150mg of dianabol day for a year!

When purchasing anabolic steroids online be sure that the website offers discreet shipping. Most sites will use plain packaging, but there have been cases where this has not happened and has landed the recipient in trouble. In addition to this most sites will also take the orals out of their original tubs or packets and package them in clear and/or anonymous packaging so there is no indication that they contain steroids. If using a domestic source then this isn’t imperative as it will not be subject to the rigorous tests applied to imported parcels. If you live alone then having steroid shipped to your house won’t be an issue, but for those living with family or a a partner (who aren’t aware of there steroid use) then it can be difficult and plain packaging is a must – although it won’t stop anyone asking what’s in it (that is down to how nosey they are!).

where to purchase steroids online

Are you paying the right price for your Steroids?

Another factor to considering when buying steroids is price. There appears to a vast disparity in prices between both websites and brands. My advice would be to avoid anything too cheap as this could indicate ‘bunk’ products or ones that are simply of poor quality. On the flip side, products that are too expensive may not always be of better quality. From experience those steroids that are in the middle to middle-upper price range are usually the best products in terms of price and quality.

However, the problem comes when choosing between buying pharmaceutical grade anabolics and those made by an underground lab. Pharma grade is more expensive, but usually more often faked than UG stuff. However, if it is legit you know it will be fully dosed and completely sterile. While UG labs products are undoubtedly cheaper, you can never be sure just exactly what is them and recent tests I have seen have shown that around 50% of UG labs either under-dose or supply complete ‘fake’ steroids.

Up until this point we have discussed obtaining steroids without a prescription, but in some countries like the USA, where there is a culture of health and anti-ageing  there are private clinics that will prescribe men testosterone (providing their levels are low enough). This means that you could obtain injectable testosterone legally, but the highest dose you are likely to be given in 250mg per week, which although will take you over the normal limits, it may not provide the gains you’d expect of a steroid cycle; plus, you won’t be able to get hold any other steroid than testosterone.

If I had to provide a short and to the point guide for those who to buy steroids I would say find a suitable website that has positive reviews, has worldwide shipping (shows it has a large global customer base), accept credit and debit cards, sells products that are produced to the highest standard, has great customer service and ship discreetly. Is this hard to find? Not if you know where to look and have common sense. Fake and scammer websites are easily spotted because they look unprofessional and have poor reviews. This is not true for all poor looking sites, as sometimes those selling are better at selling than the technology side of things, but a good business will invest time and money in their image so they look at least partially presentable when offering steroids for sale.

Buying Steroids – An ethical issue?

Another issue that people may suffer with when they seek to buy steroids is the ethical and moral side of it. Although most are totally fine with the fact they are ingesting or injecting external hormones into their body (to supra-physiological levels), some will have issues with this as they may feel they are cheating and not playing by the rules – but who are they cheating? If you want an edge in the gym and to build muscle and you feel you’ve got as far as you can naturally, then what is wrong with buying steroids? As long as you don’t abuse them and ensure you remain as healthy as you can (clean diet, regular checkups with your GP etc…) then you can do them very safely. Another area in the ‘ethical’ side of steroids is concealing it from loved ones (which is why discreet packaging is so important!); I am sure most wouldn’t dream of telling their wife, girlfriend, parents or family about their use, so some may have a conscience in that respect. It can be difficult if using injectables as some preparations (HCG or MT2 for example do need to be kept refrigerated) and unless you live alone, someone may spot your vial and question it. Personally, I keep my anabolic usage on the down low and no-one knows about it and I am quite happy to keep it that way, but if you do struggle then don’t hesitate to contact us discuss this as we always want to help.