Hi and thanks for visiting!

This is just a brief blog post to give a little bit of information about the site and what we hope to achieve through it. In short, The Anabolic Database has been created to provide gym goers, steroid users etc…with all the information they need about anabolic steroids, PCT protocol and medications, designer steroids, human growth hormone use and basically everything related to performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).

Our article base (when complete – we hope to have all current articles finished by the end of December 2015) will cover pretty much every drug out there (we will be increasing the amount of articles in time) and our blog posts will also have relevant and valid information for you the user. All information has been collated from valid sources and as we have a vast experience of all the drugs listed on here, we will also be sharing our experiences with you!

The Anabolic Database is a non-profit organisation – it has been created simply to help those who want to gain some extra knowledge gain it and then apply it safely and correctly.

Have a great day!

The team at The Anabolic Database.


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