Why Tyson Fury HASN’T doped.


As most people around the (boxing) world will know, the lineal and undefeated (ex) Heavyweight Champion of the world, Tyson Fury, is currently attending a UKAD hearing for alleged doping offences. Having already lasted a day longer than expected and with rumours that one of the panel members has been asked to leave, it might be high time to look at what has is actually going on here and why Mr. Fury is going through this at all. Well, in short it relates to three things:

  1. A positive test for Nandrolone back in early 2015
  2. A positive test for cocaine in 2016
  3. Refusal to take a test in 2016

You may have noticed that the title of this piece states that Tyson Fury has NOT doped (and by ‘doped’ I mean used performance enhancing drugs) and I will now explain why I believe this to be the case.

Nandrolone. This is the reason why. The two forms of Nandrolone available on the black market are Nandrolone Decanoate (often referred to as deca durabolin) and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (often referred to at NPP). Both are injectable forms of the drug (an oral version of Nandrolone doesn’t exist) and both have extremely long detection times (decanoate 18 months – 2 years; phenylpropionate 12-14 months. It is these detection times that make it verging on impossible for Tyson Fury to have used either of these to have doped and here’s why:

He tested positive for trace amounts of Nandrolone after his fight against Christian Hammer, which took place on 28th February 2015. Let’s look at his fights before and after this fight:

15th February 2014 vs. Joey Abell

29th November 2014 vs. Dereck Chisora

(28th February 2015 vs. Christian Hammer)

28th November 2015 vs. Wladimir Klitschko

Trace amounts‘ of Nandrolone means that almost all of the drug would have have been out of his system on the 28th February 2015, meaning that even if he’d have taken the form of Nandrolone with the shortest detection time (NPP – 12 months) then he would have failed a drug test after the Dereck Chisora fight, because that falls within the 12 month detection time for NPP. Even though there’s a minute possibility that he could have taken NPP one day after the Dereck Chisora fight (meaning that by the time the Klitschko fight rolled around he could be clear) the levels of Nandrolone in his system three months later (when he tested positive after the Christian Hammer fight) would be be more than ‘trace amounts’.

So where does this leave Tyson Fury? I am certain he’ll be found not guilty of using PED’s, but will instead get a hefty fine and a suspended ban for his use of cocaine and his refusal to take the test.


Why would anyone ever choose Deca?


Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is probably the second most popular injectble anabolic steroid after Testosterone and it easy to see why: it is an effective bulking compound, it is relatively mild and it is also fairly inexpensive…however, when you look at the real side (and long lasting) side effects of Deca it is baffling to see why anyone would choose to run it as part of their cycle….

11 times more damaging to blood vessels than testosterone: Yes, you read that correctly, Deca is 11 times more damaging to blood vessels (as show by this study). I know most people seem to pay attention to side effects that can be viewed in a mirror (water retention, acne, hair loss etc…), but it is the internal side effects that are by far the most dangerous. All steroids will increase red blood cell count and blood pressure to some degree, both of which are of course dangerous, but add in the damaged blood vessels and you are further increasing the risk of serious internal harm.

Stays in your system for up to 18 months: Unless you are staying on indefinitely and don’t seem to acre about the serious side effects of steroid use (or abuse in this case), then you will be running a PCT at some point. It is sort of a given that you wait for your system to be clear of all steroids before commencing PCT (hence why you wait three to four weeks after a long-estered Testosterone cycle before starting PCT), however with Deca you will still have steroids in your system, and as we all know 19-Nor steroids are the hardest to recover from.

The dreaded Deca dick: A funny name, but not so funny when you have to deal with it. Why does it happen? Firstly, as most will known, Deca has some interaction with the progesterone receptor, which is something you definitely don’t want as a man. And secondly, Deca actually activates the estrogen receptor to some degree also – again something you really don’t want being male; combine the two and you’re in for a world of trouble. In addition, the 5-alpha reduced form of nandrolone known as DHN has high affinity for the androgen receptor, yet exhibits very little androgenic action (even less than deca!). It is thought that DHN may displace some DHT within the penis (DHT is needed for penile health), which in turn causes erection problems.

Those three reasons should be enough to deter any person from taking Deca and that doesn’t include the massive watery bloat that is inevitable either…

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