Is Anavar really that mild?

Is anavar really that mild?

It is often suggested that Anavar is an exceptionally mild steroid, so mild in fact, that it has very little or no side effects and can also be used by women. While that latter is true (although I would never advise females to take anabolic steroids, mild or not), the former isn’t and this is something we shall discuss in todays blog post.

Oxandrolone is a mild steroid in the sense of its ability to build lean muscle mass, despite its extraordinarily high anabolic rating (340-620), which is just one example of why the anabolic:androgenic ratio/rating system is pretty much obsolete when it comes to gauging a steroids potency. It has been proven to build a small amount of mass whilst reducing body fat, but nothing beyond this. Of course, those looking to decrease their body fat levels whilst maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass (slightly) it can be a useful drug, but there are far better compounds to take for this purpose – a short testosterone propionate blast would be a far better choice in my opinion.

The reason most people call Anavar mild is because of its side effects, or apparent lack of them, however the trap most people fall into is judging side effects on what they can see, rather than looking at actual health markers. The reason why I don’t deem Anavar (or any oral for that matter) mild, is because of its astoundingly negative effects on cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides.  I have seen several sets of blood results that not only show the rapid negative impact Oxandrolone has upon these markers (within only a few weeks), but also that it doesn’t take a massive dose to induce such huge changes. For example:

Pre-cycle: Cholesterol – 3. Triglycerides – 0.58. HDL – 0.92

On-cycle results: Cholesterol – 7. Triglycerides – 5. HDL – 0.34

Yes, that is right, Cholesterol more than doubled, triglycerides increased nearly ten-fold and HDL was nearly a third of its value. These results are staggering and exemplify just how unhealthy taking anavar can be – remember it is the hidden side-effects that are the worst; the ones you can’t see by looking in a mirror or judging by how you feel. Luckily, these can be reversed post-cycle and with a healthy diet (plenty of omega-3 and vegetables) they can be addressed without a problem, but Anavar users please be aware!

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