‘Old School’ PCT Advice & Dosages – How more wrong can you get?

Having frequented numerous bodybuilding and weightlifting based online forums over the last ten years I have learnt so much. What I love about the collection of people and knowledge that is available online is the fact that is is ever evolving and changes with the times, and those who need advice and guidance have a vast arrays of sources to obtain information from. Every topic is covered. No stone unturned. The latest science and ‘bro-science’ is brought to fore. But one area where I still see archaic advice given is PCT and it frustrates the hell out of me!

If you listen to an old-school bodybuilder or one who hasn’t evolved beyond the mid-nineties, then you will here utterly insane dosages when it comes to using nolvadex and cloimd – and I do mean insane! 300mg clomid and 60mg of nolvadex in one day? You’d be lucky to still have your vision after the retinal buggering your eyes would receive.

It is sad to see (excuse the pun) the amount of posts on forums of people complaining about feeling emotional after dropping 100mg+ of clomid for several days straight. I know that feeling and it isn’t pleasant! When the old timers catch up and stop advising silly amounts of what are very powerful drugs (more so than the preceding anabolics) – it is well proven than 20mg of nolvadex alone for 3/4 weeks is enough restore the HPTA, hell, I even advise 12.5mg of clomid and 5mg of nolva a day for 4 weeks as part of my advanced PCT and that has never failed me.

So please, for the love of everyone, quit turning the next generation of bodybuilders into blind emotional females!